Clifford Chance 律師行收入

  • 收入 - 6/10
  • 工時合理 - 4/10
  • 晉升前景 - 5/10
  • 快樂指數 - 5/10


“PQE 3: 月收入 $100,000– Anonymous 23.1.2017

“Trainee 1: $47,000/ Trainee 2: $49,000” – Anonymous 19.8.2015

“Senior Associate: $100,000” – Anonymous 25.7.2015

“Trainee1: 月收入 $45,000

Trainee2: 月收入 $47,000


PQE1: 月收入 $84,000 “- Anonymous 27.2.2015

“Trainee: $45,000” – Anonymous 19.5.2015




“空閒日子:9:30am – 9:00pm

繁忙日子:9:00am – 2:00am ” – Anonymous 23.1.2017

“空閒日子:10am – 9pm

繁忙日子:10am – 12am ” – Anonymous 25.7.2015


空閒日子:朝9晚8  “-Anonymous 27.11.2014

“More like you are on call 24/7. With a freaking Blackberry you ARE supposed to reply to any email sent to you WITHIN 10 minutes the message being sent to you, even if just a simple ‘Noted’ to show your acknowledgement.  “- Anonymous 27.2.2015


空閒日子:朝9:30晚8  “-Anonymous 19.5.2015″



Good training for junior lawyers. Difficult to make partners.” – Anonymous 23.1.2017

trainee 100% retention

有能者居之” – Anonymous 25.7.2015

會retain trainee,
離開的trainee通常去其他international firms,包括美國firms。
也有不少Associate轉行到investment banks賺大錢。” Anonymous 27.11.2014

“The sky’s the limit” Anonymous 27.2.2015



corporate”- Anonymous 23.1.2017

litigation” – Anonymous 25.7.2015

“主要corporate finance,大陸Corporate客,FI客。大量FICC, DCM, ECM, Bonds 的deals。” Anonymous 22.10.2014

” Basically you have to do anything from fetching coffee for everyone else in  your team to drafting convertible bond agreement which essentially is fill in the blanks to meeting with clients and entertaining them (as well as your own boss of course)”Anonymous 27.11.2014

” Drafting. A lot of drafting. “ Anonymous 27.2.2015

“Litigation, Corporate Finance, IPO,Compliance” – Anonymous 19.5.2015




“Colleagues are friendly, very intelligent and hardworking. Bosses are intelligent, highly responsive, micro-managing and demanding, they are picky with candidates and expect you to work 24/7. Like other big corporates, the structure is hierarchical, mind the office politics if you are supporting staff. PRC SOE and FIG clients. “- Anonymous 23.1.2017

Notably high turnover rate.

老闆快樂所以我快樂” – Anonymous 25.7.2015

人很friendly,有22日leave,可借用公司遊艇!” –Anonymous 22.10.2014

” I got very tired, like REAL tired, in my first month of work at CC. But things got better. Sense of achievement is high. But people are very competitive, too competitive if you ask me ” – Anonymous 27.11.2014



2nd Round or more interviews” – Anonymous 23.1.2017

common sense is strictly required

Phone Interview, 2nd Round or more interviews, Written Tests, Aptitude Tests” – Anonymous 25.7.2015

‘預先2年前做internship以及報TC,大量written tests, assessments, presentation。
GPA最少3.5以上才有面試的機會。’Anonymous – 22.10.2014

” You just have to be the BEST among your peers. They dont settle with people who are alright.  “– Anonymous  22.10.2014

“Phone Interview, 2nd Round or more interviews, Written Tests, Aptitude Tests” – Anonymous 19.5.2015



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