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Admin(年資 4-6年 ): 月收入 HK$22,000 without bonus”  – Anonymous – 22.12.2017




“正常日子:Mon to Fri 10:00 am- 7:00 pm

繁忙日子:7×24 on call” – Anonymous – 22.12.2017




Very politics and hierarchical. Only 1 director, 1 assistant director and 1 partner manager to make all key decisions. You have to get these 3 people like you if want promotion. Ironically there were rarely clear instructions and no KPI available, given that each of them have different or even opposite visions. Promotions and bonus were all depend on their mood.

Also, when one’s salary reached to a point, say 25K, they will stop promoting no matter how hard you work and instead, they will try to find chances to ask you leave, so that they can save the headcount or find a cheaper replacement. “- Anonymous – 22.12.2017




All office Administration, HR and secretarial related work. Anonymous – 22.12.2017




Only suitable to fresh graduates who don’t mind the income or work in hell. They switched each staff’s role a lot without caring their strengths and will. This season you may be an admin next season you may be asked to be a top HR, a weekend teacher, or even a PA to check the toilet everyday….all in all without talking any pay adjustments. For those cannot survive to the assigned new role they will terminate without hesitation, no matter how great your contributions were.  – Anonymous – 22.12.2017




The HR process pretended to be professional but for internal just no procedures to follow. They hire a person merely based on the 3 management’s preferences and mood. Interviews could up to 6th round and there were general and position-specific written tests. You need to do them all. It can take you a full day but finally get nothing. Was working in back office and seen many candidates suffered and sacrificed much time.

2nd Round or more interviews, Written Tests” – Anonymous – 22.12.2017

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