【SJ Discuss!】在職Part-time JD, 唔做intern有無可能拿到 i-firm TC?

Hello SJ admin, would like to raise a question for “法律界求職內幕”.

How is it possible for a part-time JD student to obtain a TC from international BIG firms without the possibility (or courage) to leave one’s full-time well-paid job and become an intern for a summer (2 years ahead of TC start date)?

I have been to the law fair this past weekend and it seems like every firm demands “absolute loyalty”, like having an in-bred of interns and select trainees from that pool of interns. However, for part-time students like me with a well-paid full-time job, it’s a bit too early and risky to quit one’s job and become an intern for a few firms, in hope to get a TC which would actualise 2 years afterwards. Right?

I wonder if there are any 過來人 who would be able to share their tips and thoughts on this matter, thank you!!




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回覆:Anonymous 24.5.2017

Absolutely right. Internship = experience, skill and passion

回覆:Anonymous 29.4.2017

Depends on what you want
今時今日想入decent一啲的law firm 無internship experience 可能連interview的機會都無
假設閣下GPA爆分有interview 你都會比人問點解你吾去law firm 做intern
無做過的同學一系去蚊型local firm 一系系連TC都搵吾到

回覆:Anonymous 22.10.2016

I do have a friend who studied part-time JD, and has joined i-firm this year without going through internship.

回覆:Anonymous 23.9.2016

Many firms but not all firms allow direct application to TC (2 years later) without doing a summer internship at all.



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