【SJ Discuss!】JD 3.0 出身,還有機會入PCLL嗎?

Dear SJ,

I have been wondering if I stand any chance to apply for PCLL with working experience.

I graduated from a US college and completed my CUHK JD degree quite some years ago. My result at JD was not satisfactory at all (below 3.0 to be frank), and I have since then worked in the finance industry, mostly sitting within the legal and compliance department. What are the chances for City U PCLL or HKU part time PCLL?

Thanks a lot!

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回覆:Anonymous 28.12.2016

Study a LLM with good grade and attempt IELTS with good score in writing may sometimes help. You may ask for advice from PCLL programme coordinators and see how you can improve your chance.

回覆:Anonymous 20.11.2016

Let’s be brutally honest: your grades show that you’re not cut out for the legal field. Even if you have the slimmest of chance of getting into PCLL, the chance of getting a TC is slimmer. I don’t know why there is such an emphasis on trying to get into PCLL, or even there’s a reason to celebrate getting in nowadays. CUHK and HKU handed out PCLL places like candies this year, and the supply is over saturating the market demand. Would you like to have a TC working in Sheung Wan for 10,000/month?

回覆:Anonymous 19.11.2016

For HKU the best you can try is part time pcll. For full-time pcll, 3.0 is even marginal for HKU graduates, not to mention CUHK with a much higher average GPA. A good news is that next year is still the double cohort year with pcll places increased. According to HKU Law Faculty, the admission standard for this year (also double cohort) is actually slightly lower than previous years, with more places offered yet even less applicants compared with previous years. This is also true from my own observation.

回覆:Anonymous 18.11.2016

“It is also completely inaccurate that HKU gives credit to students who have training contracts. Training contract is at best a 求情理由 where your mark falls slightly below the borderline”

I can’t see your rationale that if TC can be a 求情理由 but it does not amount to giving credit

回覆:Anonymous 18.11.2016

Someone has posted here that hku no longer has part time PCLL. This is simply not true! Anyone who would care to look at the hku pcll admissions page would know that.
As an hku part time pcll student, I believe that there are no part time students in my year who studied in JD in CUHK previously. Students are mainly from MMU or HKU LLB/JD and some are from overseas. However I do know someone from the year above who came from CUHK LLB and got into part time pcll. Unfortunately, that’s all I know. Hope this helps! 🙂

回覆:Anonymous 17.11.2016

HKU part time PCLL has been cancelled two years, mean HKU has no part time PCLL. This is wrong.  HKU does offer 2 years part time PCLL.


回覆:Anonymous 17.11.2016

The comment that part time PCLL has been cancelled for two years is completely inaccurate. It has always been an open option.
It is also completely inaccurate that HKU gives credit to students who have training contracts. Training contract is at best a 求情理由 where your mark falls slightly below the borderline.I do not know the exact score required. Nevertheless I can give you some reference figures with regard to HKU LLB students this year (2016).
• Lowest score required for full time PCLL: around 3.0 (Law GPA)(HKU LLB Graduate)
• Score required for government-sponsored placed: around 3.25 (CGPA)Hope this helps.

回覆:Anonymous 17.11.2016

Maybe you can consider the career path of Chartered Secretary (HKICS)?
Having a legal education background does help….


回覆:Anonymous 17.11.2016

The chance is not big. Why not go for LLM then?

回覆:Anonymous 17.11.2016

 I would say the chance may not be very high… as far as I know, CUHK PCLL considers academic result only; where City and HKU give credit to students who have training contract

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