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  • 收入 - 8/10
  • 工時合理 - 9/10
  • 晉升前景 - 8/10
  • 快樂指數 - 8/10


Software Engineer (Mountain View): 月收入$100k after tax, 60k after tax at entry some years ago.” – Anonymous – 14.11.2016




繁忙日子:9:00am-7:00pm “-  Anonymous – 14.11.2016



The one on Nov 8 has some wild exaggerations. The salary stated was too high; 200k HKD per month is pre-tax mid-career level at Google, definitely not entry level, and the tax at California is high.

A good but not exceptional performer 5-6 years after undergrad/masters can get in the range of 250k-350k in USD, part of it being bonus. Further promotion is much harder. After tax that is more like 95k-130k HKD per month. Including property price, you can say that the living costs here aren’t much higher than HK level, so it is still good pay. If you switch to a team in say Kirkland, Washington you can live very comfortably, for now, because the tax is lower and the housing is much cheaper.

Note that Google isn’t even the highest paying tech company in California; I left at some point for other opportunities. Pre-IPO late stage startups headhunt you with a 30-50% pay increase if you are already working at Google, and going back is easy. Facebook and a few others are also known to pay more for the same level. The IT job market in Hong Kong is getting better; there are many high-end jobs that pay 100k+ HKD per month, and with Google on your CV they should be quite attainable.“–  Anonymous – 14.11.2016



There’s a large range of work at Google, from search engine to web development to optimizing data centers. You can switch teams somewhat easily. In Google it is possible to utilize a large range of fundamental CS knowledge.“-  Anonymous – 14.11.2016



There are some internal politics but the corporate culture is still far better than most companies of the same size. People rarely get fired but poor performance shows up in the pay and promotion. Sometimes you get hit by a bad project or a bad team leader but that is life.

Management is results driven. The typical work day is comparatively short, but this depends on the person. If you’re performing you shouldn’t be doing more than 5-6 hours of real code crunching on an average day, and doing more can actually be harmful to your productivity.“-  Anonymous – 14.11.2016



With Donald Trump it might become harder to get a work visa or a green card. For now, getting a post grad degree makes it easier to enter Google, because you have a better chance getting a work visa. The interview questions are well-documented everywhere so I will not reiterate. I talk about something specific to Hong Kong.

I graduated from one of HKU/UST/CUHK but had some work experience elsewhere in HK before applying. First of all, many large companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Google routinely recruit from the big 3, but there are paths other than using your uni brand to get an interview.

From what I see, top students in Hong Kong can all theoretically pass the interviews if they prepare well, subject to uncertainty and randomness. Same for most postgrads I knew at UST, who were typically top students from respectable universities in China. So if you’re good, treat it seriously like a hard exam and you’ll have a good chance.

Without preparation, it’s possible for even a Google engineer to fail the process, because the knowledge, albeit useful fundamentals, are not directly used in everyday engineering. You don’t have to speak perfect English but you must be able to clearly express your technical ideas.

For those who don’t feel qualified: one important lesson is to embrace a so-called growth mentality – even the not-so-good programmer typically have used their entire lives to build practical skills. Patiently build your career for the long term, and your time will come.

Phone Interview, 2nd Round or more interviews“-  Anonymous – 14.11.2016


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