King & Wood Mallesons 金杜律師事務所 Vacation Clerk (Intern) 收入

  • 7/10
    收入 - 7/10
  • 7/10
    工時合理 - 7/10
  • 8/10
    晉升前景 - 8/10
  • 7/10
    快樂指數 - 7/10


Summer Clerkship (0年 / Fresh Grad):月收入 $10,000 “– Anonymous 17.7.2017

Vacation Clerk :月收入 $10,000– Anonymous 30.9.2016

Vacation Clerk :月收入 $10,000– Anonymous 1.9.2016

Vacation Clerk :月收入 $10,000– Anonymous 31.8.2016

Vacation Clerk :月收入 $10,000– Anonymous 23.8.2016

Vacation Clerk :月收入 $10,000– Anonymous 16.8.2016

“Vacation Clerk:月收入 $10,000– Anonymous 13.8.2016




“正常日子: 9:00am-6:00pm

繁忙日子:9:00am- 8:00pm– Anonymous 17.7.2017

“正常日子: 9:30am-6:30pm

繁忙日子:9:30am- 8:00pm– Anonymous 30.9.2016

“正常日子: 10:00am-7:00pm

繁忙日子:9:00am- 9:00pm– Anonymous 1.9.2016

“正常日子: 9:30am-6:30pm

繁忙日子:9:30am- 8:00pm– Anonymous 31.8.2016

“正常日子: 9:00am-8:00pm

繁忙日子:9:00am- 3:00am– Anonymous 23.8.2016

“正常日子: 9:00am-6:00pm

繁忙日子:9:00am- 8:00pm– Anonymous 16.8.2016

“正常日子: 9:00am-6:00pm

繁忙日子:9:00am- 9:00pm– Anonymous 13.8.2016




Tho the EU arm has collapsed, HK, PRC and Aus office seem not affected
Have the opportunity to participate in big, famous deals that appear on the newspaper” – Anonymous 17.7.2017

Excellent growth potential”– Anonymous 30.9.2016

winter同summer clerkship加埋大概35人,多數揀8個做trainee,有時更少,仲要年年都有d靠識人入既intern混係入面,競爭好大,估計TC probability只有1/4至1/5″ – Anonymous 1.9.2016

做 MT 的留下做Associate的機會大嗎? Yes
內部晉升前景? Fair
容易轉到更好的公司嗎? Yes” – Anonymous 31.8.2016

“Good retention rate, but associates here are always being considered as more “inferior” when comparing to associates from other international law firms.”– Anonymous 23.8.2016

因為間firm不設direct TC application,理論上全部trainee都係clerkship度揀,prima facie return rate算高。” – Anonymous 16.8.2016

intern想TC return需要自己nominate幾個人幫你寫appraisal“ – Anonymous 13.8.2016




Assigned to Litigation/Corporate/Banking –> one seat for four weeks
Assigned with a partner, a coach and a buddy –> they are supposed to give you work regularly

Nominate 5 lawyers (including partner, senior asso, asso) who have worked with you –> need all of them + your assigned partner/coach/buddy to say “YES” to your TC offer
More written assessments and interviews during clerkship –> fluency in Mandarin and English is extremely important
Participation in social service or other firmwide activities
TC: solely choose from intern pool but they always overhire interns
Overall: competitive but rewarding” – Anonymous 17.7.2017

Choose among Banking & Finance/ Corporate & Securities/ Dispute Resolution” – Anonymous 30.9.2016

Full-service international firm:
Banking & Finance
Competition, Trade & Regulatory
Construction Disputes
Corporate, Private Equity, M&A and Commercial
Dispute Resolution & Litigation
International Funds
Projects, Energy & Resources
Real Estate
Securities” – Anonymous 1.9.2016

B&F/ C&S/ DR” – Anonymous 31.8.2016

Each vacation clerk will be assigned to one of the following departments: Corporate, Banking or Dispute Resolution”– Anonymous 23.8.2016

Full merger之後,King & Wood同Mallesons Stephen Jacques各自都能成功保持其原有特色、文化及獨立性。Clerkship被分到唔同嘅group/team際遇可以好唔同,因而對間firm嘅印象可以好唔一樣 (解釋埋點解d comment咁兩極)。”– Anonymous 16.8.2016

4星期在banking&finance / corporate&securities / dispute resolution三個之中其中一個部門工作, 可indicate preference before starting but not 100% followed“ – Anonymous 13.8.2016



People are generally chill and friendly
Most seniors are willing to guide interns and give constructive feedback” – Anonymous 17.7.2017

[視乎樓層]” – Anonymous 30.9.2016

視乎唔同team或者department,有d intern跟著d好mean加完全唔理intern既team做得超唔開心,少數有Aussie/Mallesons果邊d人做supervisor既會做得較開心同較想留底做trainee..”– Anonymous 1.9.2016

與同事上司相處好嗎?Complicated office politics
對公司管理有什麼建設性的建議? Need to resolve cultural mismatch ” – Anonymous 31.8.2016

廁所板上面成日有屎跡,非常非常核凸,建議Learning & Development Manager搞返個”How to use the washroom properly”講座比大陸同事聽下” – Anonymous 23.8.2016

平凡的人可以快樂,視乎心境如何,或者應該說這是觀點於角度的問題。我嘗試享受追求目標的過程,當然這是一句說來容易,做來艱難的說話,不過在不斷嘗試和練習中,我發現如果抱著感激的態度對待生活,便能享受過程了。”– Anonymous 16.8.2016

For Clerkship:
唔知點解好似成日有人寫好間firm, 做過就知merge後culture仲係可以好大差別

由於intern無法控制會跟咩人culture係點,搵summer intern時可諗諗做唔做呢間, 不過intern return TC行rolling basis,如只求有TC return rate不算差, 跟著mallesons side的一般會做得較開心“ – Anonymous 13.8.2016




Partner + HR interview + written assessment

2nd Round or more interviews, Written Tests” – Anonymous 17.7.2017

CV questions + law questions + general business/current issues, Written test (translation)

Phone Interview, 2nd Round or more interviews, Written Tests” – Anonymous 30.9.2016

問CV+性格;Phone Interview, 2nd Round or more interviews” – Anonymous 1.9.2016

Interview with partners and senior associates

Phone Interview, 2nd Round or more interviews” – Anonymous 31.8.2016

No technical legal questions , all general CV-based questions

2nd Round or more interviews, Written Tests” – Anonymous 23.8.2016

Most questions on CV and application form

Phone Interview, 2nd Round or more interviews, Written Tests” – Anonymous 16.8.2016


2nd Round or more interviews, Written Tests”  Anonymous 13.8.2016


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