【SJ Discuss!】有 Law Firm 實習經驗搵TC會著數啲?

Just want to know how likely it is to secure TC (training contract) without intern experience given other applicants have had internships at other firms?



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Think about this:
I am a recruitment partner.  I have two candidates of equal abilities and academics.  One has done internships before while the other has never step foot in a law firm.  Who would be the least risky choice to justify to my other partners?


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有Law Firm 實習經驗係比多d位你interview果時吹你做過咩有幾咁enjoy legal work同對law幾咁有熱情, 但就算冇, 你都可以講點解宜家想做律師(例如唔想做generalist啊想做specialist等廢話), 同你果d non-law既skills/knowledge可以點幫到你做好份工blablabla...其實都係睇你Interview點present架姐

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