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美國《娛樂周刊》(Entertainment Weekly )最近推出了2016年上半年頭十佳美劇,唔出街都可以豐富地渡過週末 。

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1. American Crime 

2016’s best shows have been ingenious and deeply empathetic at dramatizing the collision of the personal and the political, and the damage done by dealing poorly with the consequences. Season 2 of John Ridley’s anthology series, American Crime, followed the complex fallout of an intimate encounter gone wrong between two boys in Indiana, producing astounding stories about sexual identity, class, race, gender politics, and gun violence. Extraordinary writing, directing, and acting — particularly from Connor Jessup and Joey Pollari — elevated these 10 episodes to the top ranks of TV drama.

性別認同、階級、種族、槍支暴力……榮獲EW榜首的這部美劇探討了不少深刻的社會話題,揭露了不少美國社會的陰暗面。該劇女主角——《絕望主婦》(Desperate Housewives) 中職場強人和超人主婦Lynette Scavo的扮演者Felicity Huffman,也是看點之一。


2. The Americans 

As ruthless Russian spies, Philip (Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth (Keri Russell) have always believed that one must sacrifice humans in order to save humanity. But this season, The Americans really forced them — and us — to consider the cost of individual lives . When the KGB sent Martha (Alison Wright) on a plane bound for a permanent Siberian vacation, Rhys made us feel the weight of Philip’s conscience. But it wasn’t just Martha — seeing other beloved characters like Young-Hee (Ruthie Ann Miles ) suffer the consequences of Philip and Elizabeth’s militancy begged us to investigate our own moral relativism as viewers.



3. Better Call Saul  [SJ小編最愛!!!]

Somehow, watching the McGill brothers undermine each other in a poorly lit New Mexico Kinko’s was every bit as high-stakes as witnessing two drug kingpins in a turf war. That’s because the rivalry between Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) and Chuck (Michael McKean) is fueled as much by bitterness as by love. Chuck couldn’t have caught Jimmy’s confession on tape unless Jimmy felt real tenderness for him, and season 2’s finale twist wouldn’t have been so gutting if the show hadn’t made us genuinely care about both of them in the end. Bonus points for the best cliffhanger ever delivered with a single word: “Don’t.”

喜歡 Breaking Bad 的讀者千萬唔好錯過~這部衍生劇講述了Saul 在遇到Walter之前的發家史:Saul 戲中原名 James McGill 如何奮鬥成無良律師Saul的故事。這裡的主角 James Morgan McGill 就是 Breaking Bad 中的Saul Goodman 。除了小人物的奮鬥史,McGill兄弟之間的愛恨情仇也是一大看點。


4. Horace and Pete 

Making like Beyoncé, Louis CK floored us with a veritable surprise album drop, a self-financed, theater-style tragicomedy about spiritually broken barmen (CK and Steve Buscemi) and their family (including Alan Alda and Jessica Lange) contending with their histories, legacies, and collapsed meaning. A winsomely rough yet thoroughly artful work committed to capturing humanity at its messiest, Horace and Pete was a beautiful stretch — for CK and the audience — that produced abundant brilliance. May Laurie Metcalf’s tour de force guest turn win all the Emmys.



5. Lady Dynamite

Maria Bamford’s semiautobiographical comedy isn’t for everyone. But for anyone who’s ever felt like a freak, it’s probably the best thing on TV. Co-produced by Mitchell Hurwitz (Arrested Development) and Pam Brady (South Park), it’s a highly exaggerated sitcom about a struggling comedian with mental-health issues. From the eye-scalding color scheme to the fantasy sequence involving a sheep riding a motorcycle, everything about the show is wild, shrill, and over-the-top. But it’s also an utter joy to watch, because it invites you to view the world through Bamford’s big, bright, manic imagination. And for all the bizarre jokes, its central theme — how to survive adulthood without feeling unbearably lonely — couldn’t be more relatable.

該劇根據主演Maria Bamford 的個人親身經歷改編,記錄喜劇演員Maria的得與失。劇中充斥了大量無厘頭笑點,反應熱烈。


6. Love

Tracking the meandering, fitful progression of a relationship between damaged people is a daring project. But Judd Apatow, Paul Rust, and Lesley Arfin’s delightfully shaggy cringe-com is continuously raucous and wise. Inspired performances by Community’s Gillian Jacobs as the cynical lady train- wreck and Rust as the neurotic man-child find new vitality in familiar archetypes. Claudia O’Doherty as their cheery, no-dummy Aussie pal is a show-stealing blast of comic sunshine. “The Date” — about a terrible one — is arguably the funniest episode of TV so far this year.

小清新的愛情片:該劇描述了兩個受傷的心靈如何歷盡千辛走到一起,有溫暖和真性情。Not to miss!


7. OJ Made In America 

If TV has proved anything so far this year, it’s that OJ Simpson might be the quintessential lens for examining American culture. (Well, Simpson and Donald Trump, obviously.) Ezra Edelman’s relentlessly juicy 10-hour, five-part documentary epic deconstructs the icon and the city that made him. What results is a richly reported and insightful meditation on race, identity, and the chase of transcendence through fame. But the power lies in the shattering, often squirmy spectacle of Simpson’s friends and enemies wrestling with their consciences — or trying to avoid it.

OJ Simpson(Orange Juice Simpson)是著名黑人橄欖球運動員,不過他卻一直為了脫黑而努力。在Simpson娶了白人妻子後,妻子懷疑他有外遇,兩人的關係出現裂痕。後來,妻子被發現死於家中,同時她身邊還被發現另一名餐廳服務員的屍體。Simpson成了最大的嫌疑人。這部紀錄片探討關於種族、身份、追逐卓越和名利等問題。


8. The People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story 

It’s hard to imagine that a miniseries could be as gripping as the real-life trial of the century. But American Crime Story felt like a national news event in itself. From the moment it opened with the beating of Rodney King, a scene that hit hard in the age of Black Lives Matter, it was chillingly relevant, and the smallest details about the lawyers’ decisions revealed so much about the legal system. Sarah Paulson and Courtney B. Vance rescued their characters from caricature, showing how conflicted Marcia Clark and Johnnie Cochran were as they argued about what justice really means. Is it about honoring victims, or taking a stand against institutional racism? The finale was a haunting reminder that Americans are still divided.



9. Roots

The original, 1977 Roots was a TV landmark that presented the horror of slavery in ways Hollywood had never dared before. This year’s remake couldn’t match its significance, but it equaled its relevance and power. An extraordinary cast led by Malachi Kirby as the proud Kunta Kinte and Regé-Jean Page as the dangerously disillusioned Chicken George formed a complex multigenerational portrait of suffering and survival. Provocatively tailored for these racially fraught times, Roots is an engrossing, moving, necessary reminder of history that deserves constant remembrance and demands redemptive response.

該劇改編自美國黑人作家 Alex Haley 的同名小說,講述了黑人從被販賣到尋找自由的種族血淚史。




10. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


Kimmy (Ellie Kemper) fixed her busted “happy place,” Titus (Tituss Burgess) confronted his guilt and fears, Jacqueline (Jane Krakowski) addressed her profound wrongness. This is season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt — smarter, bolder, more LOL- gonzo than the first, and about the importance of being breakable and remakeable. Creators Tina Fey and Robert Carlock crafted a well-designed season built to a hilarious, emotionally complex, audaciously meta climax. They even improved the risky joke of Jacqueline’s Native American heritage by taking it more seriously — we’ll never cheer for the Washington Redskins again.

和今年奧斯卡最佳女主角 Brie Larson 的提名作品《Room》有些類似,該劇圍繞一個被監禁數年後重歸社會的女性展開劇情。這部劇曾在2015年被提名多項艾美獎。相對於《Room》的壓抑和沈重,這套的每一集都笑點多多,不過細思起女主的經歷來,也是笑中帶淚。


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