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收入 Income

“Graduate Environmental Consultant (GEC)(年資 Years of experience:4-6年 / 4-6 Years:  月收入 Monthly Income HK$10,000 (plus a so-called “guaranteed 13th month pay” after working for a year).”  – Anonymous – 1.6.2018  


公司所在地區 Location of Company:

“香港 / Hong Kong” – Anonymous – 1.6.2018   



工時合理 Hours :

“正常日子 Normal Day:Official 9:00 am – 5:30pm (include 1-hour lunch; quite normal across companies in our field); Most people 9:30 am -7:00pm (show up later in the morning and pretend to OT until other people do so in the evening); But I will say it depends as I know some colleagues of same and/or higher grades leave at 17:30 sharp.

繁忙日子 Busy :9:00-20:00; 9:00-21:00 for meeting several submission deadlines almost at the same time. You may have to bring work to home if you have not finished. No pay for OT, keep that in mind.” – Anonymous – 1.6.2018  



晉升前景 Career Prospect

“By mean of “excellent” career prospect, I refer only to a theoretical long and prospective career ladder (GEC > Assistant EC > EC > Senior EC > Associate > Executive Director > Vice President; in HK office). In reality, no one can follow this route. Actually, most of the GEC left after a year or two, some may stay and get promoted to AEC (it takes normally around 2 years or less if you bargain successfully). Most of the higher grades (i.e. AEC or above) are recruited from other companies.” – Anonymous – 1.6.2018  



工作範圍 Scope of Work

“I prefer stating the general job duties of my grade instead of stating too specific on what projects my colleagues and I has/had worked on.
(1) Provide technical support in environmental studies and assessments;
(2) Conduct literature review, desktop study, site survey and inspection, and data analysis;
(3) Prepare reports and other relevant submissions; and
(4) Perform other ad-hoc tasks.
Normally, each GEC has to take up several projects at the same time (in fact, same cases as higher grades). And the job duties are very similar job duties as an AEC. I will tell you why later.”  – Anonymous – 1.6.2018 



快樂指數 Are you happy?

“AECOM in HK is an international company that bends the western and eastern working cultures perfectly in terms of drawbacks. The management team consists mainly of local (or Chinese whatever) people which try to stay aligned with its western offices, but as many colleagues have witnessed that the copied management mode does not work here in HK. It is quite simple to understand, western bosses work together with the team while Chinese bosses are simply boss with high salary and seldom need to work. Besides, the company emphasizes work-life balance, but many staff have to work overtime and even take tasks home. In HK office, if you do not work overtime, it means you are lazy, you are not collaborative with team members (“you should help others!”), you do not have a sense of belonging to the company, etc.

More sharing…… Here is a story told by a senior worked in AECOM for many years: In the past, the lowest grade started from AEC, and there was no GEC. Some consultancy companies in this field have found out that they can get employees from excessive supply of fresh graduates from both local and overseas universities every year. By setting it a grade lower than AEC, you can pay even less and let them to “learn” more. That is the secret why the companies with GEC grade can get more jobs from public and private sectors in HK and overseas. Here are some keywords which summarize the comments among this field: chur, low paid, high turnover rate. My final advice/warning to environmental fresh graduates or the company? Watch out.” – Anonymous – 1.6.2018 



入職攻略 Application Tips


Single interview with team representatives. AECOM’s advertisements are everywhere (when you see a company always recruit GEC, think twice with my story shared above). Almost all staff own bachelor degree, and master degree is just very common.” – Anonymous – 1.6.2018 

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