Baker & McKenzie 香港 Corporate Finance 收入

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“Paralegal (年資 1-3年)月收入 HK$18,000”  – Anonymous 27.5.2017

“Trainee1: 月收入 $43,000

Trainee2: 月收入 $45,000

PQE1: 月收入 $73,000

PQE2: 月收入 $75,000” – Anonymous 27.9.2014



“空閒時間:9:30am – 10:00pm

繁忙時間:sleep 2 hours and then back to work” – Anonymous 27.5.2017

“busy day: 朝9晚凌晨2

空閒時:朝10晚6” – Anonymous 27.9.2014



“I left for another international law firm, turnover rate is extremely high in my position” – Anonymous 27.5.2017

“非常好,retain機率高。” – Anonymous 27.9.2014



“Being a paralegal, you only specialise in one area (i.e. verification notes for corporate transactions) and may be sometimes draft simple letters. Do expect to work like a robot and have no friend once start working. Take care of self body.” – Anonymous 27.5.2017

“Corporate Finance做包括Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Markets (ECM, DCM), IPO, Convertible bonds 等等的業務。需要draft很多文件,讀PCLL時一定要讀China Practice及 Drafting Commercial Documents。” – Anonymous 27.9.2014



“It was crazy, everyone above you can assign works  to you and expected you to treat their assignments as priorities. If you do it not up to the pace they expected, they whatsapped you or chased after you every single second. Absolutely nightmare of my time there (for couple months only) and people did not seem to care whether you were overworked or not. Guess this is the culture. Whoever choose to work there, prepare for the worst. But I did make some friends too.”  – Anonymous 27.5.2017

“Baker Mckenzie出名是國際化的美國firm,沒有純美國firm那種瘋狂working hours。 老闆們都幾friendly。但Baker亦出名大家trainee明爭暗鬥,爭上位,爭retention。但老實講在baker train完去其他英美firm絕對無問題。” – Anonymous 27.9.2014



“first interview will have a written test, including a translation test and also an essay, then you will meet with the HR (together takes about 90mins). They asked normal interview questions (eg introduce yourself, why you want to work for Baker etc). second interview with the department seniors, they ask you all sort of interview questions (takes about an hour).”- Anonymous 27.5.2017

“TC開始2年前要報internship以及TC。很多Rounds的 interviews及written tests。
Internship的一個月的表現最為重要,性格一定要outgoing,英文一定要非常好,外國回流有絕對優勢。” – Anonymous 27.9.2014

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