Barclays Capital Numerical Tests 2015 *with Answers

2015年 Entry-level Analst 必考之數字測試 Numerical Tests! 

以下總共10條題目, 答案在最底。 請準備紙,筆,計算機,嘗試在7分鐘之內完成。答對8題過關!


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1. What was the approximate cost of total oil production in Month 1?

A 2.25 million
B 4.23 million
C 7.12 million
D 8.26 million
E 9.41 million

2. If a gallon of oil is sold at $0.89, how much profit would Oil Rig D64 have made in the 6-
month period (based on the targets, and taking production costs into account)?

A 0.26 million
B 7.68million
C 14.65 million
D 22.12 million
E 29.50 million

3. If a litre of oil is sold at $0.89, which oil rig made the most profit in the 6 month period?

A. D64
B. S23
C. L09
D. H42
E. A56

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1. If all staff were required to work on assembly line A for cars, approximately how many cars would
be produced a day if staff from other lines are only required to work their normal daily hours?

A 150
B 220
C 290
D 360
E 430

2. Considering the hours required in producing a vehicle, and assuming that overall production cost
per hour is £240, which vehicle type proves the most profitable for the company?

A Cars
B Vans
D Agricultural
E Off-Road

3. How many more workers does the assembly line which failed to produce its target amount of
vehicles require to meet its target?
A. 11
B. 15


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1. Other income is expected to drop by 70% in Year 3 and exceptional costs are predicted to double. If
turnover changes as from Year 1 to Year 2, and cost of sales and overheads remain as for Year 2, what will the percentage change be from Year 1 to Year 3 in earnings before income tax?

A. A decline of 55%
B. A decline of 17%
C. A decline of 7.2%
D. An increase of 3.8%
E. An increase of 11.3%

2. If the tax bill is 35% and the trends for Year 1 to Year 2 continue into Year 3, what will the tax bill be in Year 3 in millions?

A. 3.42
B. 3.43
C. 3.61
D. 3.76
E. 3.94

3. If cost of sales, overheads, other income and earnings before income tax changed between Year 0 to Year 1 at the same rates as from Year 1 to Year 2, and if there were no exceptional costs in Year 0,what was the turnover in Year 0 in millions?

A. 41.5
B. 49.5
C. 49.9
D. 51.2
E. 63.1

4. If overheads and earnings before income tax change by the same percentage as between Year 1 and Year 2, while all of the other costs and income remained the same as in Year 2, what will the approximate turnover be in Year 3 (in 000s)?

E. 55,210


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1. B
2. E
3. A


Zone 5 Assembly Line

1. E
2. D
3. A


Yearly Income

1. D
2. A
3. B
4. B


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