【特警L】有美國護照 考FBI定回流考「幫辦」?

Hi SJ,

I am a HKer based in the US and I have been following your site for a long time. I hold a criminology degree from a top 50 US university and have been working in an unrelated field in [redacted (a State)]. I have always dreamed of becoming a police officer and I wonder which path I should take: I am aware the FBI are now hiring special agents, and the HK Police Force are hiring police inspectors all year round. Regardless of my personal circumstances (except that I am eligible for both positions) which path do you think offers a brighter prospect?


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最近呢個問題簡直係挑戰各位的國際視野:有美國護照 考FBI定回流考「幫辦」?


先講講FBI,他們的Job description如下:


The mission of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States.

About Us

We’re looking for people with unique skills, experiences, and backgrounds to become Special Agents.  The one thing every SA shares is a belief in the mission of the FBI.  They have the drive to help keep our nation safe, become part of something bigger than themselves, and take pride in making a difference in the communities they serve.

Special Agents are:

  • Driven to find solutions to all types of problems.
  • Compassionate and respectful to everyone they meet.
  • Adaptable to a variety of situations, and able to keep a calm demeanor in the face of challenges.
  • Well-spoken, well-written, and enjoy meeting, speaking, and collaborating with people from different backgrounds.
  • Physically fit and able to pass the physical fitness test (PFT).


根據美國網民匿名Review,做FBI Special Agent,即聯邦調查局探員,主要負責查案,而案件往往係涉及跨州份,甚至係全國性同埋有國際元素。 相反,假如做State Police,則負責本州內的罪案。

一位前FBI探員如是說: The complexity of criminal investigations in a cyber security context can be exciting. I watched the web evolve over years before I had to go undercover and sort of switch jobs. The FBI gave me a lot of freedom and latitude- virtually anonymous- to conduct PC studies and cyber security research.
If one is looking for an Ivory Tower also, the FBI can provide that also.

Criminal types can be difficult. The work can be dangerous. One may be injured. Loved ones may become isolated from the agent. But my case and experience was very much non typical compared to other agent duties and responsibilities.



入職Training一刻起,年薪係GL-10 Step 1,即係US$49,907  (~HK$390,000)。

假如探員在洛杉磯工作,而如官方網站所講大部分探員5年內可達到GS-13級,根據美國政府2018 Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) Salary Calculator,5年可望人工達到 ~US$100,000 (~HK$780,000)。


另一邊廂,香港警察主要分 1) 軍裝 2) Crime。如果如讀者想做探員,都會希望做後者Crime,而非軍裝。根據SJ團隊的警察朋友解釋,假如成功考督察(Inspector,俗稱幫辦),希望做Crime的話,一般而言離開學堂後做大約1年軍裝,就有機會開始做DIT (District Investigation Team : 地區調查隊 – 便衣)的小頭目,統領三數位便衣警員,成為「案件主管 OC Case」,負責偵查比較相對輕微案件,例如店鋪盜竊等。

幾年後,無論升職如否,都有機會調到六大總區(Region)重案組 (Regional Crime Unit – RCU) 繼續查案,但相對DIT,RCU主要針對較嚴重案件,例如持械行劫,較大規模的詐騙,甚至謀殺案等。另外,亦有可能調到商業罪案調查科 (Commercial Crime Bureau – CCB) 調查涉及龐大金額的商業罪案,如大規模及涉及跨境的詐騙案。 除此以外,仲有好多各式各樣部門,如「O記」(有組織罪案及三合會調查科),鑑證科等等。


2018年而言,香港警察督察人工為 HK$45,305,頂薪為 HK$84,250 (即年薪 ~HK$540,000 – HK$1,000,000)。

人工而言,香港警察的督察職位,似乎微勝FBI Special Agent,尤其考慮到美國高稅率,更見差異。但香港樓價貴,可能又中和返,當然呢個視乎閣下志向。





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