City Super Merchandiser Salary 收入

  • 3/10
    收入 Salary - 3/10
  • 4/10
    工時合理 Hours - 4/10
  • 1/10
    晉升前景 Prospect - 1/10
  • 1/10
    快樂指數 Happiness - 1/10

收入 Income:

“Merchandiser 年資 Years of experience:4-6年 / 4-6 Years

月收入 Monthly Income HK$16,000” – Anonymous – 8.9.2019 [Email verified]

公司所在地區 Location of Company:

“香港 / Hong Kong” – Anonymous – 8.9.2019 [Email verified]

工時合理 Hours :

“正常日子 Normal Day:10:00am – 6:30pm

繁忙日子 Busy Day: 9:00am – 8:00pm” – Anonymous – 8.9.2019 [Email verified]

年假有多少天?How many days of AL available?
“10 days” – Anonymous – 8.9.2019 [Email verified]

晉升前景 Career Prospect:

“無的,唔係你做得好就可以上,[redacted] 一日唔走,一日都係做低下層,俾人點,如果全部都係女人仲煩,為左上位,或者覺得你威脅到佢,同你請教完,佢轉個頭就係背後告狀,俾人暗算都唔知 [redacted]”– Anonymous – 8.9.2019 [Email verified]

工作範圍 Scope of Work:

“同供應商落貨,安排上架,貨架點擺,要落哂咁多間鋪執貨,整shelf talker, 寄辦俾Stores,處理壞貨, 所有濕碎野。係成team最低下既職位,忙到你嘔”– Anonymous – 8.9.2019 [Email verified]

快樂指數 Are you happy?:

“公司同事奴性都很重,中年人居多 40+,只懂聽從命令,亦不會給員工解釋,只想你說明白,解釋多兩句都黑面,如果你係年輕人,不建議喇,搵start up 公司更好”– Anonymous – 8.9.2019 [Email verified]

入職攻略 Application Tips:

“2nd Round or more interviews

都係普通問題” – Anonymous – 8.9.2019 [Email verified]

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