CNEC Christian College 中華傳道會安柱中學 Teaching Assistant 收入

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“Teaching Assistant :月收入HKD$14,000 (starting salary $10,000) ” – Anonymous – 19.7.2015



“正常日子:8:00 am – 6:00 pm 

繁忙日子:8:00 am – 7:30 pm “-  Anonymous – 19.7.2015



“1) Unless you have good interpersonal skills and work performance, it is not likely that you will promoted to a regular GM/CM teaching post.
2) An “A” in HKAL Use of English or Band 8 (or above) in IELTS is helpful for you to secure the post as an English language TA. Good grades in Language Proficiency Assessment for Teachers (LPATE) are also very helpful.
3) When recruiting teachers, they tend to recruit from somewhere else rather than promoting a teaching assistant. They tend to find someone better outside the school.
4) Even I changed industry to engineering, the management skills learnt at the school have been helpful.
5) The employment contract was renewed every year, with a reasonable pay rise under the Master Pay Scale (MPS).
6) If the school supports you to do a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), they will make the necessary arrangements. However, you do NOT need a PGDE to be employed as a full GM/CM teacher.
7) A PGDE is NOT an entry requirement of any teaching post there. Some PGDE graduates cannot secure a teaching post due to their personal problems. It is recommended to do a PGDE programme only if you have secured a full GM/CM teaching post.
8) Some teachers have permanent GM/CM posts; but some teachers have renewable employment contracts. No permanent posts for teaching assistants.
9) With a few exceptions, most English language teachers are native Cantonese speakers. “-  Anonymous – 19.7.2015



“Assist English teachers to prepare teaching materials, substitute teaching etc. “-  Anonymous – 19.7.2015



“If you are suitable to be a teacher (e.g. exceptional people management skills and good academic background), you should be fine. Some TAs secured full teaching posts there in not more than 2 years.

However, if you are not promoted to a full CM/GM teaching post in 2 years, it may indicate that there are hindrances. Many TAs eventually moved to other schools, or even changed industry (e.g. civil servant, engineering etc.)

Some TAs have good interpersonal skills, but he could not be promoted because he does not have a degree.

Good interpersonal skills are essential for you to do well in the school. Behavioural problems of students exist in the school. A nerdy/introverted person should not become a TA unless he has no other choices. “-  Anonymous – 19.7.2015



“1) Being a Protestant Christian is helpful, but not essential.
2) Having a high standard in the English language is only one of the entry requirements.
3) Majoring in English at university is not a must. I entered the school with an engineering degree (second upper class) and a Band 8 in the IELTS.
4) The job was not highly selective.

2nd Round or more interviews”-  Anonymous – 19.7.2015


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