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Associate (Tax) : 月收入14,000+bonus (avg. 1month)” – Anonymous – 21.11.2016



“正常日子:(Business tax only) Before 10:00am – around 19:00pm

繁忙日子:(Business tax only) HK tax: 1) D-code deadline: till 6:00 am 2) M-code deadline: till 12:00am ~ 03:00am / PRC tax: Jan-Apr/May till 03:00 ~ 04:00am“-  Anonymous – 21.11.2016



Associate I –> Associate II –> Senior Associate I –>Senior Associate II –> Senior Associate III
(Normally being promoted each year before arriving at SAIII)

Manager grade or above: Ability + Network + Business development (The most important one)”–  Anonymous – 21.11.2016



Business tax team (General): Hong Kong profit tax compliance / provision + consultancy
Business tax team (PRC): PRC tax complicance / provision / tax consultancy (mainly JV / M&A / IPO)
Business tax team (JP): Japanese company Hong Kong tax complicance / consultancy
International tax team (US): US tax implication / US company HK tax implication
International tax team (non-US): Foreign company HK tax implication
Transfer pricing / M&A: Project-based consultancy / tax planning
Global employee services: Individual tax compliance
“-  Anonymous – 21.11.2016

來自 Deloitte 讀者來信 SJ 提出意見:

There is the following quote for US tax team,
“International tax team (US): US tax implication / US company HK tax implication
International tax team (non-US): Foreign company HK tax implication”

The job description is not accurate. I worked for International tax team (US), while we do work on US tax implication (i.e. U.S. tax consulting projects), we never worked for US Company HK tax implication. Our team only focuses on US tax. Specifically, we do federal/state partnership/corporation returns for clients (a.k.a. U.S. tax compliance), particularly for asset management industry (e.g. private equity funds, funds of funds, etc.). Despite that, we also worked on FATCA/CRS consulting and reporting.

For International tax team (non-US), it is often called International tax team (HK), while it is not incorrect to say it is working on Foreign company HK tax implication (e.g. giving advice during structuring on a Cayman Islands entity,which might subject to HK stamp duty), but for more junior levels, the job is mainly focus on HK/PRC tax compliance.



Most of the colleagues (including the counsellor) are friendly and nice.
Some of the managers (esp newly promoted) are very “wok”.
(Coz revenue is their performance indicator.)

System and mechanism:
Everything are related to the engagement fee (coz all the expenses are counted as disbursement on that engagement).
IT department is the most useless department in the company.
So many restrictions on accessing company resources.
STUPID hotelling system for TAX department.“-  Anonymous – 21.11.2016



1. Seems to be a written test started from 2017 fresh grad hire
2. Assessment centre (as usual) – be aware of NDS
This is not a discrimination but please be careful on the presentation part as some of the “aggressive” or “pro-active” NDS may dominate the presentation. You have to protect yourself on the presentation part as it only consists of 15 mins for normally eight candidates to present. If you cant do well or being “trapped” by others, please dont give up and spare no effort on the Q&A session, it really helps.
3. Partner in tips:
i) BE YOURSELF – It is crucial to be yourself. It really comforts the partner and you.
ii) Speak out your preferences: The one who interviews you may not be your future partner. So if you have your own team preference please raise out during the partner interview.
iii) Preparation directions:
-CV-based questions –> Make sure you can share well what you have wrote on your CV
-(For tax only) —> Read some current tax news. It may not always being asked but at least you can show your understanding of the industry and position that you applied. Sometimes you may build up your confidence as you understood what the partner is talking about and also make the partner trust you that you are the right candidate
(Here is a recommendation, read those tax highlights from Big 4, just understood some terms and what is happening in the tax world [at least HK tax world])
-(Optional) Find out and a line with the company values and read the current news of the company –> Show your passion.

2nd Round or more interviews, Aptitude Tests“-  Anonymous – 21.11.2016

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