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Cabin Crew Basic flying pay ~$4000 DHS, Flying Hour 57 DHS/Hr, Entitled to profit sharing depending on the performance of the co. ( HKD 1 = ~DHS 0.47)  – Anonymous 4.6.2016



“正常日子: 80-100 hours per month

繁忙日子:120 hours (max. flying hours)– Anonymous 4.6.2016



~ 1- 2 years can get you to Business class depending on the fleet that you are in.

Unlike CX, once you get your upgrade you don’t really work in Economy class anymore. In aviation people do value Emirates a lot because apparently they are one of the fastest-growing airlines in the world. Some ground opportunities are open to cabin crew (PT-trainer, Image and Uniform Officers, etc.) and the benefits are quite good. They provide your accommodation in Dubai and their profit-sharing can sometimes be very generous.

But if you are thinking about a career outside Emirates – tbh people (esp. in HKG) don’t value your experience that much. If you don’t mind being labelled as a glorified waitress/waiter and wish to have a taste of the crewlife, then Emirates is a good start for you.– Anonymous 4.6.2016



They always tell you the crew are here for safety and security. But you are mostly there for service and dealing with everything that happens in the metal tube. And be that trolley dolly that the company secretly expects you to be.  ” – Anonymous 4.6.2016



Opportunity to travel the world and relocate to Dubai with company provided accommodation.
Not much seniority when compared to Asian airlines. Very multi-national working environment onboard.(They tend not to put too many people with the same nationality onboard). No ass-kissing. As long as you stick to the standards then you are fine.

But the management (or Dubai in general) can be very ineffective sometimes. No labour union to protect your rights. You only take the feedback from your seniors/higher management but you cannot comment on them

People may also find it hard to adapt to the Islamic culture where pork and alco cannot be easily purchased.  – Anonymous 4.6.2016



Why you want to join Emirates.
Examples of handling differences in culture/ difficulties at work/ miscommunication with people
Reasons why you want to be a crew
some group discussions and role plays

2nd Round or more interviews, Written Tests – Anonymous 4.6.2016

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