Employers Insights FAQs



1. Why is it important to submit an Employers’ Insight?

SJ Team:We encourage employers to actively respond to the reviews posted by anonymous current / previous employees.

Even if there have been no reviews on your company / the specific roles, if employers would like to share with SJ readers insights about their companies / roles, they are more than welcome to complete the form.


2. Who can submit an Employers’ Insight?

SJ Team:Employer(s) / HR from companies.


3. Will an Employers’ Insight be verified?

SJ Team: Yes, on reasonable effort basis. We encourage employers / HR to use official working email when submitting Employer’s Insight(s).


4. Can I amend my Employers’ Insight after submission?

SJ Team: Yes, just get in touch with us.


5. What is the commitment for an Employers’ Insight?

SJ Team: FREE! If you have found the right candidate(s), just let us know! After you have successfully hired a candidate, you can choose either to leave your Employers’ Insight page as it is but remove the link to the job ad so that you won’t receive any new job application, or you can request us to close the page altogether.


6. I can’t find my question(s) listed here.

SJ Team: Don’t worry. Contact us for further enquiry.
Email: StealJobs.com@gmail.com