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Logistics Executive$14,500” – Anonymous 26.6.2016



“正常日子: 9:00am – 6:30pm

繁忙日子:9:00 am-8:00pm– Anonymous 26.6.2016



Future Prospect:
-If a trainee chooses to stay in this department for a longer time, the opportunity of promoting to Assistant Manager or Senior Officer is very small.
-Training and mentorship from managers: GP Trainee program guidance from managers are in general quite weak. If you are strong in self learning, it would be fine.

General turnover rate is around 60-70% from 2012-2016. (Sample base is around 10 people)

Career Path:
Logistics Executive–>Logistics officer (Need 2-3 years on average/ There would be no promotion if a trainee is not very outstanding enough)–>Senior Officer–> Assistant Manager

Department Structure:
1 Logistics Manager, 1 Assistant Manager, 2 Senior Officers, >=2 Executives (variable numbers), 2 Shipping admin
Logistics Manager role is very unstable. On average (2011-2016), each manager would stay here for 2 years and leave very soon. “– Anonymous 26.6.2016



1. Planning:
-Aggregate orders from business units and issue orders to factory
-Monitor Inventory of business units
-Measure forecast performance of business units
-Provide monthly reports for management review.

2. Logistics and shipping administration:
-Liaise with freight forwarders and truck companies
-Create invoices, I/E shipping documents, input sundry expenses
-Create PO and SO for purchase

3. Projects:
– warehouse improvement, warehouse re-allocation, etc” – Anonymous 26.6.2016



-easy to get along within department, sometimes there would be gatherings within department

-The job nature (within department) is very relaxing. Pressure is small. It is very leisure and happy. Colleagues usually chats together quite often under a pleasant environment during office hours and happy hours after work. Relationship with management is critical in this department to get promoted.
-It depends, as there are several different roles in the department.
a.) If you are assigned with shipping or administration roles, the job routine (Documentation, truck arrangement, system approval, PO issuance) is pretty tedious and non-value added to your career path. It would be difficult for you to change your jobs once assigned and it is not easy for you to change to the other companies.
b.) If you are lucky enough, you would have a chance to be assigned to the project based team (mostly occupied by the senior trainees), the job would be more challenging. But the guidance from management is quite little. It mainly relies on self learning to grow in the department.

– Each year, trainees would be given several full-day training on Sats(around 2 each year, 6 in total during 3 year program) ranging from communication to leadership. If you cannot complete the trainee program, you are obliged to pay back 30%-50% of the course fee. Each course is around $1,500-$2,000. You only don’t need to pay back if you stay here for more than 3-4 years.

Clock in system:
-You need to clock in and clock out for 4 times every day. If you are late, salary would be deducted on proportion.

Shuttle bus:
– Shuttle bus services is offered.  – Anonymous 26.6.2016



Group discussion: questions related to logistics.
Written test is related to some logistics concepts learnt during lessons.
Last round: presentation delivered to Department Managers and HR
 – Anonymous 26.6.2016

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