HK Federation of Youth Groups香港青年協會 Development Officer 收入

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Development Officer: 月收入$26,785 MPS pt 15 starting (equivalent to Executive Officer II)  ”  – Anonymous – 29.9.2015



“空閒日子:10:00-18:00 – 44 hrs per week, Saturday 10:00-14:00, very rare that you can leave on time

繁忙日子: 10:00-24:00 (Weekdays) , Saturday/Weekend 10:00-20:00, or depending on your functions ” – Anonymous – 29.9.2015



Start with one year contract. 16 days annual leave but it is not uncommon that you don’t even have time to take a day off.

It is mandatory to pay for your portion’s medical insurance (no opt-out).

You get 1 MPS pt increment every year if you get level 4/5 in appraisal, 0.5pt if you get 3.

Very sharp pyramid organisation structure: DO > (AM in some services) > Supervisor (10) > Deputy Ex Dir (3) > Ex Dir (1). Almost all promotions are done internally.

Supervisor is already a middle/senior management post in HKFYG, and is usually your direct supervisor. All but one Supervisors are social workers. Hard to get promoted, need shoe shining.

DOs are usually competitive upon leaving as the work in HKFYG is very tough. Turnover is high.” – Anonymous – 29.9.2015



Everything your boss asks you to do, and anything the boss expects you to do: exploration of development opportunities, liaison, procurement, supervision of staff, publicity, resources management, mingling with youths and schools, clerical works, counter and reception…– Anonymous – 29.9.2015



To be very modest, learning curve is very steep and it’s great if you can survive. Surely you will be well sought-after by other employers if so.

Depends on services, bosses can be very tough, mean and harsh (esp those non-youth centre services). They expect DOs to know everything – the potential challenges, your solution, your actions TAKEN, in day one.

Workload is exceptionally heavy, you get paid to do the work which is normally borne by 4-5 persons in other jobs (so you can imagine how much money it has saved by employing just YOU). Bosses lose temper easily, can get scolded at their pleasure.

HKFYG runs very much like a commercial organisation. Need to meet “sales” targets, eg customer spending, enrollment, new courses offered. Working culture is unlike other ordinary NGOs. Very little, if any, training is provided. You are expected to take charge of everything from the first day. Ultimate multi-tasking is expected.

Those colleagues who can stay are smart. You benefit from learning with them.

You are expected to devote your private time to the work, eg organising volunteers for IT, leadership functions, courses etc.

Emphatically not recommended unless you have exceptional ability to cope with huge pressure, and a most earnest desire to help youths. For the same salary, sense of achievement, better benefits and working hours, working in other organisations could be much better. ” – Anonymous – 29.9.2015 



At least two interviews, one with your line supervisor and the next one with DED.

May need to have group interview or presentation on a topic related to your post.

Advantageous if you have joined HKFYG’s activities during high school/uni. They like recruiting past students.

Social work background is not essential if you are not applying for the Youth SPOT services. HKFYG is known to keep the posts vacant if they cannot find suitable persons.

2nd Round or more interviews, Written Tests “  – Anonymous – 29.9.2015


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