Hogan Lovells 律師行收入

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Trainee (年資 0年 / Fresh Grad) 月收入 First year – HK$48,000; Second year – $50,000″ – Anonymous 2.10.2017

Trainee (年資 1-3年) 月收入HK$49,000 + secondment allowance ~$5000″ – Anonymous 31.05.2017

“Trainee 1: 月收入 HK $42,000
Trainee 2: 月收入 HK $45,500

NQ: 月收入 HK $75,000+
PQE1: 月收入  HK$80,000+”  – Anonymous 12.12.2016



“正常日子:9:00am – 8:00pm

繁忙日子:7:00am – 11:30pm” – Anonymous 2.10.2017

“正常日子:9:30am – 7:30pm

繁忙日子:9:00am – 11:00pm” – Anonymous 31.05.2017



Trainee 22日年假 Annual leave

NQ後27日年假Annual leave”  – Anonymous 12.12.2016



有不少可以train完去magic circle; 公司投放於trainee既資源相當不錯Anonymous 2.10.2017

“頂級英國Silver Circle律師行,晉升前景一流,離開的trainee通常去其他UK firms。”  – Anonymous 12.12.2016



Research; bundling; drafting; client meetings”- Anonymous 2.10.2017

“Banking and finance銀行業務 (專注leveraged finance 與acquisition, 代表Bank of China, Standard Chartered, ANZ, HSBC, Mizuho and BNP Paribas等銀行客戶) ,  Capital Markets 資本市場, ECM 專注Mid-cap市場代表CLSA, UBS, Macquarie and Morgan Stanley等客戶,  DCM專注bond業務 代表Bank of New York Mellon and Citi等客戶,     Regulatory 監管合規與訴訟 代表Dah Sing Bank  大新銀行辯護有關不良銷售手法之控訴。”  – Anonymous 12.12.2016




工作具挑戰性;員工普遍friendly同埋work hard play hard”- Anonymous 2.10.2017

” Hours好長,好chur的英國firm。Partner有點uptight 不是好肯教,要自己好aggressive去學。 ”  – Anonymous 12.12.2016



Phone Interview, 2nd Round or more interviews, Written Tests”- Anonymous 2.10.2017

“”Phone Interview, 2nd Round or more interviews, Written Tests”- Anonymous 31.05.2017

“預先兩年報Intern加TC 有全日面試 Assessment day : group exercise, a competency-based interview 。

優待英國學生,收LSE, UCL 比較多”  – Anonymous 12.12.2016

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