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“Management Trainee: 月收入$23,000 ” – Anonymous – 1.7.2015

“Management Trainee: 月收入$23,000 ” – Anonymous – 1.7.2015

“Management Trainee: 月收入$23,000” – Anonymous – 2.7.2015

Management Trainee: 月收入$23,000” – Anonymous – 15.7.2015




“正常日子:9am -8pm

繁忙日子:9am – 1am “-  Anonymous – 1.7.2015

“正常日子:9am -7pm

繁忙日子:9am – 8pm  ” – Anonymous – 1.7.2015

“正常日子:9am -8pm

繁忙日子:9am – 10pm  ” – Anonymous – 2.7.2015

“正常日子:depends on department

繁忙日子:depends on department  ” – Anonymous – 15.7.2015




“都OK,大部份MT都可以留低繼續上去 “-  Anonymous – 1.7.2015

“Yes. They hire a few so they really put a lot of resources into each trainee. You will be expected to have valuable inputs like leading brand new projects for company or conduct extensive studies for company’s future development.

The management and colleagues are willing to guide you to become the future seniors. “-  Anonymous – 1.7.2015

Well planned and tailor-made training plan with great support from management.
Career path depends on the quality of the MT but opportunities are always open for us. ” –  Anonymous – 2.7.2015

After two years MT will promote to Senior Officer, internally promoted is still fast, maybe after a few years will promote to AM, but hard to 轉到更好的公司” –  Anonymous – 15.7.2015



” 2年,4個seats,主要都係地產,酒店,基建,同其他各樣develop緊的生意,例如IT, Corporate finance等。 “-  Anonymous – 1.7.2015

“Every MT has to initiate a sustainable corporate project throughtout those 2 years, being project owners on top of your rotation, responsible for key business development, project management, frontline experiences in hotels and cinema, “-  Anonymous – 1.7.2015

“MT” –   Anonymous – 2.7.2015

Rotation: Property, Hotel, Conference and Exhibition, Corporate Functions etc.” – Anonymous – 15.7.2015



” 工作環境合理,比上一定不足架啦,比下有餘就算啦。一般來說,老闆都睇你既。 “-  Anonymous – 1.7.2015

“Yes. There are many opportunities for you to communicate and befriend with coaches, mentors and management people. A majority of them are easygoing.

People are nice in general. Rare to see office politics. Human and leadership culture is strong here.

Despite that there are still some traditional thoughts among the older generation, you would be surprised by the innovative thoughts of some teams and the freedom and authority you are given to make changes in this company.“-  Anonymous – 1.7.2015

A bit complicated corporate structure but each individual team is friendly and supportive to the development of trainees.” –  Anonymous – 2.7.2015

Colleagues in general are very nice
Low incremental on salary
Should have better infringe benefit (e.g. 12-day annual leave currently)” – Anonymous – 15.7.2015



” Assessment Centre, Phone Interview, Written tests, 2nd Round or more interviews“-  Anonymous – 1.7.2015

“They look for people who are multi-talented, proactive to take the lead and willing to change the status quo.

2nd Round or more interviews, Written Tests, Aptitude Tests”–  Anonymous – 1.7.2015

Role playing to handle different situation (eg meeting with colleagues or business partners)

2nd Round or more interviews, Aptitude Tests” –   Anonymous – 2.7.2015

Phone Interview, 2nd Round or more interviews, Written Tests, Aptitude Tests” – Anonymous – 15.7.2015

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