HSBC 匯豐銀行 Commercial Banking – Assistant Manager CDD Approval 收入

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    收入 - 6/10
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    工時合理 - 4/10
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    晉升前景 - 2/10
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    快樂指數 - 1/10


Commercial Banking – Assistant Manager CDD Approval 年資 1-3 ): 月收入 HK$ 25,000 ”  – Anonymous – 1.10.2017



“正常日子:9:00am – 6:30pm

繁忙日子:9:00am – 8:00pm (Saw some colleagues take away their laptop, which means u may have to continue working at home)” – Anonymous – 1.10.2017



Manager 同assistant manager是完全無分別 
“- Anonymous – 1.10.2017



CDD review approval
Negative news screening

奉勸大家拿到OFFER三思而後行,哩度係亂到[rdacted],每日捽數煩到嘔,但個問題派得果2-4個case(每日), 邊度可以approve到6,8,10個case(這是每日的TARGET,有時話6,有時話8,有時話10)?approval 系最後1個step(唔計QA之後捉你哩樣果樣啦)根本個源頭就做CASE D人做得唔夠,但唔chur源頭,chur approver。
個system又好得意架,load得慢過阿婆行路啊,每日唔知有無1/3日運作到,1日到黑 log in唔到,那麽D人可以點做野呢?
但D mgmt會捉返你10幾年前做左case嘅status,咁都係要入system check (如果你自己有好完整嘅record mark好曬都無用,case status會自己無啦啦轉左而你係唔會知,無notification ga)
而mgmt係拿住system裏面個case status來問你
repeat once again “個system load得慢過阿婆行路啊,每日唔知有無1/3日運作到,1日到黑 log in唔到”
又有politics la, 有D裙腳仔女team head‘s team 會多有D case派,easier to meet target。” – Anonymous – 1.10.2017



不快樂,想走,但要3 months notice,無知點算” – Anonymous – 1.10.2017



Case study (the interview just tell you the situation and u have to answer them what your action is)
No written test

Phone Interview, 2nd Round or more interviews” – Anonymous – 1.10.2017

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而家仲可以上埋SJ House ==> SJ House,一個網睇晒各區的住宅Rating,快D上來Rate下自己住緊個屋苑啦!

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