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收入 Income:

“Paralegal 年資 Years of experience:4-6年 / 4-6 Years

月收入 Monthly Income: HK$27,000″ – Anonymous – 29.9.2020 [Email verified]

“Paralegal 年資 Years of experience:4-6年 / 4-6 Years

月收入 Monthly Income: HK$27,000 + bonus $2,000″ – Anonymous – 7.11.2020 [Email verified]

“Paralegal 年資 Years of experience:4-6年 / 4-6 Years

月收入 Monthly Income: HK$27,000″ – Anonymous – 14.1.2021 [Email verified]

“Paralegal 年資 Years of experience:4-6年 / 4-6 Years

月收入 Monthly Income: HK$27,000 + optional bonus” – Anonymous – 3.2.2021

公司所在地區 Location of Company:

“香港 / Hong Kong” 

工時合理 Hours :

“正常日子 Normal Day:9:00am-9:30pm

繁忙日子 Busy Day: 9:00am-4:00am”– Anonymous – 29.9.2020

“正常日子 Normal Day:9:00am-9:00pm

繁忙日子 Busy Day: 9:00am-4:00am”– Anonymous – 7.11.2020

“正常日子 Normal Day:9:00am-10:00pm

繁忙日子 Busy Day: 9:00am-4:00am”– Anonymous – 14.1.2021

年假有多少天?How many days of AL available?

“10 days” – Anonymous – 29.9.2020

晉升前景 Career Prospect:

“No prospect, its a small law firm”– Anonymous – 7.11.2020

“Small firm”– Anonymous – 14.1.2021

“Small company”– Anonymous – 3.2.2021

工作範圍 Scope of Work:

“Draft all letters and pleadings, prepare bundles, attend all court hearings, mediations, counsel conferences, meetings with clients, attend internal staff meetings, do judgment presentation in meetings, calculate all EC/PI quantum”– Anonymous – 29.9.2020

“Internal meeting, attend every hearing, mediation, counsel meeting, prepare court documents, attend meeting with clients”– Anonymous – 7.11.2020

“To prepare pleadings and letters, go to probono, meeting with clients and counsels, attend mediation”– Anonymous – 14.1.2021

“Draft pleadings letters, meet clients, internal meetings, attend pro bono services at night, attend police stations and courts”– Anonymous – 3.2.2021

快樂指數 Are you happy?:

“(1) The culture of the law firm is to work overtime everyday, until at least 9:30 p.m., and busy time would work until 3:00 am – 4:00 am in the morning, and you have to work on time at 9:00 am on the next day. This is unacceptable and unreasonable how the workers were treated, totally no work life balance in this law firm.

(2) The boss would just leave the office every 7:00 pm and the staff was left behind to work until midnight.

(3) [redacted]

(4) [redacted]

(5) The boss is a [redacted] person, he would not waste one second to wait for anything. The staff would have to listen to him and talk and behave very quickly to the point in front of him.

(6) This law firm also has so many CCTVs, around 7 CCTVs in a medium size office, all colleagues’ behaviour including conversations are recorded everyday, the boss and his wife would often check, listen and review the CCTVs. This means the workers have to work under surveillance and are being checked and listened every minute in the office. There is no privacy at all in the office.”– Anonymous – 29.9.2020

“公司細 但有7部CCTV, 老細同佢老婆一齊係公司做,[redacted]。差唔多日日要OT,基本上OT到9pm叫正常,最癲係去到零晨4點, 工作時間去晒開2,3個鐘既會,[redacted]。每隔兩日就會聽到[redacted]”– Anonymous – 7.11.2020

“Have to OT everyday, normal days to 10:00pm, busy days until 4:00am, very crazy company!!”– Anonymous – 14.1.2021

“CCTV everywhere and will be monitored and listened to everyday, crazy OT until 4am and still have to be on time at 9am on next day. Boss’ wife and her sister also work at the firm, its more like a family business, sisters take control of everything, even the boss”– Anonymous – 3.2.2021

入職攻略 Application Tips:

“Interview, Written Tests

1st interview: met with the boss and was asked about past experience and some very useless and strange questions including 你最想遺傳爸爸和媽媽的什麼優點缺點? 有什麼興趣? 近十年最遺憾及後悔的事件是什麼? Some questions were asked in English.

2nd interview: written tests
(Legal clerk): (1) draft a witness statement by listening to an audio recording, (2) calculate the total no. of letters in a box (3) desrcibe one incident or event that you served or contributed to the society or others who are in need.

(Paralegal / Trainee Solicitors): (1) draft a statement of claim (2) draft a witness statement (3) calculate EC / PI quantum (4) define the meaning of “occupier” within the Occupiers’ Liability Ordinance (4) explain the meaning and consequences of accepting or rejecting a Sanctioned Payment.”– Anonymous – 29.9.2020

“2nd Round or more interviews

1st interview 無聊問題問下工作經驗,問下想遺傳爸爸媽媽咩優點?
2nd interview 問關於law e.g. what is thin skull rule?”– Anonymous – 7.11.2020

“2nd Round or more interviews

Strange questions asked 你想遺傳爸爸媽媽咩優點缺點,no point at all”– Anonymous – 14.1.2021

“2nd Round or more interviews, Interview, Written Tests

Ask about background and random questions about the advantage and disadvantage of your parents’ characters”– Anonymous – 3.2.2021

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