Lukfook Jewellery 六福珠寶 Assistant Manager 收入

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Assistant Manager(年資 4-6): 月收入  HK$25,000 – Anonymous – 4.9.2017



“正常日子:9:00am – 6:00pm 無OT ALLOWANCE, 唔會為佢OT

繁忙日子:9:00am – 6:00pm 無OT ALLOWANCE, 唔會為佢OT – Anonymous – 4.9.2017



一間不求改變, 不思進取嘅老餅公司

– Not suitable for people who come from MNC and internationl background
– Everything you need to type internally is CHINESE, sorry, NO English.
– Luk Fook has entire building (17/F) but NOT every floor has washroom, 5 of 17 floors, absolutely inconvenience for pregnant women or OT. it is really not humanize for employee.
– Sick leave, no pay! You will have to get back to work even if you are sick! You see, the company has no humanize
– Senior Management has no innovation, and are not open minded at all, that’s why the image of the company is so old-fashion.

當其他同行品牌積極改革, 革新, 年輕化嘅時間, 呢間老餅公司仍在食老本, 一D進步都無, 仲響度浪費金錢 sponsor 無人睇嗁香港小姐。 So funny!

[redacted]“–  Anonymous – 4.9.2017



I’d rather not to say –  Anonymous – 4.9.2017



請對對員工人性化D! 去個廁所都要行到無雷公咁遠, 連咁基本設備都唔合格!
SICK LEAVE – 病係需要休息. 病已經好慘, 仲要無糧出. 枉為大機構所為
對員工都咁差, [redacted] 
– Anonymous – 4.9.2017



n/a– Anonymous – 4.9.2017

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