Nielsen Hong Kong 尼爾森 Senior Analyst Quantitative 收入

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Senior Analyst Quantitative 月收入 HK$20,000” – Anonymous – 19.1.2017




繁忙日子:8:30am-1:00am“-  Anonymous – 19.1.2017



“Steady flow of promotion for staff but has to go through extremely arduous, stressful and unnecessary pain and sacrifice. Learning is not as great as described by management as duties are very tedious and repetitive. Pay is very low compared to workload, and respect is minimal.

People working in market research often find a hard time transferring to another industry, and choices of companies are quite limited. “–  Anonymous – 19.1.2017



Designing, drafting, writing and checking questionnaires, write reports on quantitate researches, dealing with ad hoc requests of clients in potentially any timing, dealing with housekeeping and paperwork of enormous capacities, back and forth meetings with programmers, and many other ad-hoc duties –  Anonymous – 19.1.2017



Extreme workload with zero work-life balance, very top-down management style despite illusions form top management; work nature very tedious and repetitive, and often include unreasonable demands [redacted] (e.g. rewriting an entire report and expected it to be delivered the next morning). Also, expected to be yelled at [redacted] while enduring very long hours. Many ex-employees have worked for 22+ hours straight.

Employee benefits responsibilities (which is supposed to be an HR responsibility) are often handed down to staff club members, employees who are already overwhelmed with workload on hand. Which means the more “ideas” top management has, the heavier the workload becomes.

Top management totally detached from reality of their employees, and pay zero attention to employee satisfaction – employees are seen as fully-replaceable machine parts.

[redacted]” –  Anonymous – 19.1.2017



Experiences differ with the selection process, but many candidates voiced that HR staff were being very arrogant throughout.

Phone Interview, 2nd Round or more interviews, Written Tests, Aptitude Tests“-  Anonymous – 19.1.2017

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