PolyU SPEED 理大專業進修學院 Administrative Assistant II 收入

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    收入 - 3/10
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    工時合理 - 3/10
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    晉升前景 - 2/10
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    快樂指數 - 2/10


Administrative Assistant II$8,000 – 9,000” – Anonymous 27.6.2016



“正常日子: 9:00am – 7:30pm

繁忙日子:9:00 am-10:00pm– Anonymous 27.6.2016



Don’ think about it, nearly no chance, you need to switch to another institutions if you want promotion/salary increment. Poly and speed have almost the lowest salary range among all the universities. “– Anonymous 27.6.2016



admin打雜, 換水, 推車仔, 搬野咩都要做, 接電話, 長期要做跑腿係counter答問題
Handle student admin work (scholarship, registration, financial aids etc.) clerical support for event, copy and print notes for teachers, ordering stationery etc.
” – Anonymous 27.6.2016



For colleagues, many old seafood (nearly everywhere), you are supervised by programme officers (old seafood), they are extremely bossy and trouble, most of them like to create necessary trouble, it is not as “hea” as you think.

For lecturers, it depends but normally most of them have many requirement. Only few of them are friendly. – Anonymous 27.6.2016



HR will call you first and ask a lots of questions, from your secondary school to all of the companies you have been working.
You need to attend a panel interview with programme officers and lecturers, again, they will ask everything and must get a “reason”, for example, if you answer “personal reason”/”family matter”, they will keep asking “what reason” and “what matter

Phone Interview, Written Tests – Anonymous 27.6.2016

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