Rider Levett Bucknall 利比有限公司 Quantity Surveyor 收入

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    收入 - 5/10
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    工時合理 - 5/10
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    晉升前景 - 6/10
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    快樂指數 - 6/10


Quantity Surveyor:$31,500 + bonus” – Anonymous 24.7.2016



“正常日子:8:30 am 6:00 pm

繁忙日子:8:30 am – 9:30 pm– Anonymous 24.7.2016



Newly chartered qs, around 31k sth. Normally require you 1 to 2 year to get promoted to SQS, with a salary increment to 41k sth, but you may hardly notice any SQSs in the company coz turnover rate is extremely high in certain teams.

May get better offer if go to developers or contractors. For international main contractor, they normally offer 35k to C+0 QS and 50k to 55k to C+4 SQS, tho charter status is not a must in mc.
C+0 qs in developer get paid 35k and C+5 normally 50k.“– Anonymous 24.7.2016



主要run projects, both residential and industrial
Interim payment
Final account
Variation settlement
Progress meeting
 – Anonymous 24.7.2016



good team culture with little office politics tho jobs are quite demanding at times.
You better get your resilience developed early at your work or you will find it hard to overcome
The company is generally good if you are in the right team.

BUT be realistic QS industry wont secure you a highly generous pay like those offered by banking industry and the like. BUT work hard and you will reap what you have sowed. ”  – Anonymous 24.7.2016



2nd Round or more interviews, Written Tests – Anonymous 24.7.2016

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