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“Management Trainee HK$13,600 – Anonymous 8.1.2016



“正常日子:9:00 am – 7:00 pm

繁忙日子:9:00 am – 12:00 am – Anonymous 8.1.2016



一年MT programme後會升做executive, 但executive其實fresh grad可直接apply(即係mt多一年機會rotate), top five(mt programme計分的)有可能升officer, 不過上年既top five仲係做緊executive…
Promotion path not clear,assistant-executive-officer-am-manager-department head-chief(the point is sf hires 60 mt in 2015, so think about how many people compete with you…)
員工turnover rate high,
今年已有十幾個mt quit
升職睇年資instead of 能力
” –  Anonymous 8.1.2016



Depends on your department
work at frontline as 派件員落手派
其他ad hoc projects, e.g 美食展,電腦節,sogo感謝節,apple iphone 6s
 ” – Anonymous 8.1.2016



上司針對你既,give you 豬頭骨 and give you trap
chinese culture deep rooted, 識做人is so important in the office, especially between boss n downline
this company is very rush, doing everything rush, say a 新業務actually not 100% ready but 照推出,have to get used to this fast changing environment, 唔好以為好有挑戰性,我個人就cant get used to it, 你可以夜晚先知你聽日返邊間sf station
Work at frontline has to ot a lot, official time is 6pm, but mostly girls off at 8-9pm, boys can even off at 12
ot no 補水 
– Anonymous 8.1.2016



Group in: 1 min presentation on various topic, e.g同理心,可以圍繞同理心how to apply to sf既operation, service, management來講
discussion: around 10 people discussing topics related to how to improve service, operation, future development, etc

2nd Round or more interviews, Written Tests” – Anonymous 8.1.2016

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