【SJ Discuss】讀完LLM想做律師 如何低成本入到PCLL?

“hi 你好, 本人就讀LLM Year 2。本科non-law Degree,正職5年以上 。一年前進修心態入讀LLM, 當時未有想過做律師, 冇揀LLB/JD 。讀LLM時產生濃厚興趣,想正職以外多某一條出路 ,想問問LLM之後後有冇機會再上PCLL。

坊間一堆文章講解LLB/JD再上PCLL 。而LLM之後出路介紹極少, 希望你地可以詳述之。
LLM本身讀8科, 包括Tort, Criminal, Contract, Common Law, Equity, Constitution, Land, Criminal Procedure.
學校本身提供LLM轉JD出路(成績許可),但學費貴, 今次來函主要想問問有冇其他方法如LLM > HKU Space CPE/  自修PCLL Conversion Course > PCLL Conversion Examination > PCLL ”


StealJobs網站也有這方面的文章作為參考,始終條條大路通羅馬,絕對不是唯一的方法:[Law人] 究竟讀GDL入唔入到PCLL?
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Anonymous 20.6.2018

“Why don’t you think about if the path can really help you get admitted to PCLL rather than choosing a path at the lowest cost? There is no guarantee when it comes to PCLL admission. The lower the cost, the lower the chance.”

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