【SJ Discuss!】做PE好路數,實情究竟係點?


“本人今年grad, 非3大finance major, 好好彩咁有幾間local hedge fund offer, 見到幾份related 講hedge fund的文, 令我覺得要再諗下係咪入行。而同時最近都見過幾間pe, 想了解多d pe呢方面, e.g.出路/ package/ exit, etc, thank you in advance”


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Anonymous 1.11.2018

“yeah but as soon as the cycle ends, you’re going to have more acquisition opportunities. I just see the APAC buy out market as less developed vs EMEA and the States in general – you won’t have a buyout of a chinese firm as you don’t really know wtf you’re buying”

Anonymous 28.4.2018

“I think you should think twice getting into PE now as the market is getting towards the end of the cycle thus M&A/ Buyout won’t last for a long time. You might end up jobless for a couple of years when the cycle turns. ”




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