[SJ Interview] China Life Insurance (Overseas) Co. Ltd. 中國人壽保險(海外)Manager, Education & Learning Interview 面試

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參與面試的公司/職位/年資  Interviewed Company / job position / Yrs of Experience

“China Life Insurance (Overseas) Co. Ltd. 中國人壽保險(海外)/ Manager, Education & Learning(年資 : 4-6年 / 4-6 Years)” – Anonymous 10.8.2019 [Email verified]

公司地區 / Company Location
香港 Hong Kong

學歷 / 學歷地區  Education / Graduate from
“大學 Bachelor

本地學校 / Local schools”

招聘信息出處 / Job Ads source

面試過程 Interview

“1 輪面試 Interview(s):

一去到直接見Training GM,用普通話做presentation,然後就問下cv上嘅經驗。不過個GM一黎就話睇你cv你都無training design經驗,但呢個位需要。[redacted]見左十五分鐘就完。”- Anonymous 10.8.2019 [Email verified]

Do you find the f2f interview process challenging?

筆試 Written Test


Do you find the written test challenging?


Were you given an offer for the job?


Did you accept the offer?


附加說明 / Others

“其實本身見佢長期喺JobsDB出ad [redacted] 。份application form都好有問題,要應徵者詳細列出現職整個package,包括medical, dental, AL, 過往appraisal分數等等,仲要人印曬所有工作學歷證明俾佢(咩年代)。[redacted] 之後我見佢持續出同一個ad,所以各位如果有時間想練下見工技巧不妨apply!”- Anonymous 10.8.2019 [Email verified]

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