[SJ Interview] VST Holdings Limited 偉仕佳杰 Business Analyst Interview 面試

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    專業指數 / Professional Level - 7/10
  • 2/10
    壓力指數 / Intensity Level - 2/10
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    面試過程 / Interview Process - 7/10
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    推薦指數 / Star Company Level - 6/10

參與面試的公司/職位/年資  Interviewed Company / job position / Yrs of Experience
“VST Holdings Limited 偉仕佳杰 / Business Analyst (年資 : 1-3年/ 1-3 Years)” – Anonymous 21.2.2019 [Email verified]

公司地區 / Company Location
香港 Hong Kong

學歷 / 學歷地區  Education / Graduate from
“大學 Bachelor

本地學校 / Local schools”

招聘信息出處 / Job Ads source
“獵頭 Headhunt(s)”

面試過程 Interview

“2 輪面試 face to face interview : 1st round 見HR manager 同個Finance manager (定finance lead), 個HR manager見見下聽唔明悶到想轉身走, 成個過程勁Hea
2nd round: 見COO, 一位姓周的女士,佢好精明同好有經驗,成個氣場令人feel 到佢係個好有頭腦好實幹型的人,同埋share好多公司的資料”

Do you find the f2f interview process challenging?

Were you given an offer for the job?

“Yes”- Anonymous 21.2.2019 [Email verified]

Did you accept the offer?


附加說明 / Others

個offer 22k pm,7AL,12個月糧,有機會出2-3個月DB, 變相有14至15個月糧

“間公司係出名做各大電腦產品的distributor,HK listed co,生意都幾大包括香港同東南亞,香港係HQ,個role做group level的analysis,個role係one man band直接report to COO,屬於operation team唔係finance team,覺得個workload有啲大,要幫手睇成個group HKD600億的business,平時要同各個country CEO聯絡,工作應該幾忙要求都唔低”

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