Sotheby’s 蘇富比 Intern 實習生 收入


“Intern : 月收入 : 無” – Anonymous – 28.8.2015



“正常日子:9:30am -6pm

繁忙日子:8am – 10pm “-  Anonymous – 28.8.2015



Nearly no opportunity. Only a few outstanding interns can stay and sign for a Floating Assistant contract, yet the percentage is like around 20% only.“-  Anonymous – 28.8.2015



Depending on which department are you assigned to. You may need to help checking the measurement and translation of catalogues, assist in pre-sale exhibition (from set up to pack up), inspect auction lots, write conditional reports, study on the authenticity and price of lots, etc.“-  Anonymous – 28.8.2015



You will be excited if you are really interested in arts and luxuries, as you might have opportunities to touch, inspect and participate in selling them. Yet it is discouraging when you notice that you cannot earn even a single penny. Your colleagues are tired of making friends with interns too, as the company tends to hire a lot of short term interns throughout the year, just to save the money for extra labour power.“-  Anonymous – 28.8.2015



“Why Auctioneering Industry?”-  Anonymous – 28.8.2015


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