Standard Chartered Bank 渣打銀行 International Graduate 收入

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International Graduate: 月收入 HK$31,000 (for next year intake) Really good starting salary for commercial/retail banking IGs, should be the highest among well-known commercial banks” – Anonymous – 4.1.2017



“正常日子:Commercial Banking : 9:00am – 7/8:00pm

繁忙日子:9:00am – 10/11:00pm“-  Anonymous – 4.1.2017



It depends on the vacancies each year. Most IGs will stay in HK after the rotation, while some can’t find their position in HK to fit in or there are no vacancies within the dept for IGs. They will find their role in the global job pool. And this process is a competition for IGs over the world.

Besides the deployment after the first year, the Bank encourages IGs to work in foreign countries and the bank often gives higher priority to IGs for some positions. (That’s what I heard from seniors & previous IGs from different departments)

For commercial banking IGs generally they become RM roles of different teams. –  Anonymous – 4.1.2017



Choose one stream when you apply for the IG Program:

Transaction Banking
Retail Banking
Wealth Management
Commercial Banking
Corporate & Institutional Banking Clients and Corporate Finance
Financial Markets

1-year rotation and then deployment –  Anonymous – 4.1.2017



From a new joiner perspective my colleagues are nice and willing to share and teach.
The Bank has high expectation on us. Though sometimes the pressure at work is a bit high but it’s still acceptable and I enjoy it. (梗係啦唔洗跑數住)
 –  Anonymous – 4.1.2017



For HR and business interview the questions are not really technical (except for Corp Fin & Financial Market) but more behavioural and about yourself. Try to read some news related to the business stream you apply for when preparing for the interview and be yourself during final round(s).

If you want to know more about the IG Program, a good way is to find your uni alumni/friends who are IGs. They should have gone through the interview process and can share with you their experience as an IG.

2nd Round or more interviews, Aptitude Tests“-  Anonymous – 4.1.2017

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