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收入 Income:

“Trainee Solicitor 年資 Years of experience:0年 / Fresh Grad

月收入 Monthly Income HK$30,000” – Anonymous – 2.11.2019 [Email verified]

“Trainee 1: 月收入 HK $32,500
Trainee 2: 月收入 HK $34,500

NQ: 月收入 HK $65,000+” – Anonymous 27.9.2014

“Paralegal: 月收入 $25,000 ” Anonymous 11.6.2015

公司所在地區 Location of Company:

“香港 / Hong Kong”

工時合理 Hours :

“正常日子 Normal Day:9:00am-7:00pm

繁忙日子 Busy Day: 9:00am-8:30pm”– Anonymous – 2.11.2019 [Email verified]


空閒日子:朝9晚8″ – Anonymous 27.9.2014

年假有多少天?How many days of AL available?
“20 days”– Anonymous – 2.11.2019 [Email verified]

晉升前景 Career Prospect:

“Trainee-NQ retention rate in recent years has been pretty promising, with a good chance to qualify in preferred practice areas. Some junior associates move to international firms.”– Anonymous – 2.11.2019 [Email verified]

“頂級本地鬼佬律師行。晉升前景一流,沒有retain 下來的trainees同常去International firms。” – Anonymous 27.9.2014

not really. Middle size office does not have much space to grow. As long as you have been here a while, you will have much nicer opportunity to go to other bigger international law firm! “-  Anonymous – 11.6.2015

工作範圍 Scope of Work:

“Corporate Commercial seat for trainees – draft external e-mails, client calls, research, transaction deal-related paperwork including licence applications, company secretarial-related work including drafting resolutions, BD-related work for partners’ conferences”– Anonymous – 2.11.2019 [Email verified]

“Corporate M&A IPO之類的,訴訟Litigation,Employment僱傭法訴訟與非訴訟業務,客戶包括金融機構FI,專業服務機構。
企業重組 Restructuring 以及 清盤 Insolvency,是Tanner de Witt非常強勁的業務,客戶包括PwC, 渣打銀行 Standard Chartered Bank 以及 Briscoe Wong Ferrie等大型財務專業機構。” – Anonymous 27.9.2014

famous in Insolvency and Restructuring, Litigation, M&A and Employment “-  Anonymous – 11.6.2015

快樂指數 Are you happy?:

“Approachable colleagues and good workplace atmosphere. Hierarchy is generally not an issue. Much respect from lawyers for supporting staff. The firm is expanding and has put in effort in its marketing and improving internal admin. Scope of work is broad and well-balanced for training purposes.”– Anonymous – 2.11.2019 [Email verified]

“- Cohesive culture in terms of consistent messaging and branding
-Friendly colleagues (support staff, associates, and junior partners)
– Great location and nice offices” – Anonymous 27.9.2014

“Junior partners are nice. Most of associates are very friendly and helpful, willing to give you workload and trust you. Some supporting staff are not that nice. “-  Anonymous – 11.6.2015

入職攻略 Application Tips:

“Interview, 2nd Round or more interviews, Written Tests

The advertised TC application period is June to August of the year before the TC intake. Interviews have taken place in October to January.”– Anonymous – 2.11.2019 [Email verified]

“不定期請trainees,主要留意官網 http://www.tannerdewitt.com/ ” – Anonymous 27.9.2014

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