Wellcome 惠康超市 Store Trainee Manager 收入

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Store Trainee Manager: 月收入 HK$15,750 x 13 + sales incentive+ bonus (Average $18000-$20000/month)” – Anonymous – 4.12.2016



“正常日子:10 hours a day lunch inclusive

繁忙日子:11-12 hours“-  Anonymous – 4.12.2016



As mentioned, STM will get promotion after completing the rotation and there will be a written exam. Whether you will get further in the company really depends on your luck and ability. Luckily, you will be promoted to the Store Manager in 5 years. Salary for fresh Store Manager will be around $18000-$19000 with annual bonus around $30000-50000.

But many of them get dragged as a Department Manager (as in what they called Upscale Stores) or Assistant Store Manager in Wellcome. Some of them spent up to 10 years at this position but still got no luck. –  Anonymous – 4.12.2016



-Get familiar with the daily operation of a retail store (any format from 360, Jasons, Marketplace by Jasons to Wellcome).

What I felt about the job is it’s like a higher paid shop keeper.
You need to do all sort of things ranging from cleaning, stock sorting, unloading stocks, decorations and some admin works. The stress is on especially when you work up to 60 hours a week.
Don’t expect to have days-off on holidays.
The working hour is super horribly long. (60 basic hours) and OT is unpiad!

After 6-7 months, you will be promoted to Department Manager/ Assistant Store Manager, but that could be the end of the story. I knew some ASM/DM who have been in their positions for more than 5 years (some even 10 years) but got no luck. The management culture is really unfriendly. Big bosses visit from time to time, and you need to spend a great deal of time decorating the store for his 15-20 minutes visit.

Allocations of stocks are horrible especially during festive seasons. Lack of manpower basically at all stores.“-  Anonymous – 4.12.2016



Given that the company is mainly occupied by undereducated people, rumours and gossips are ubiquitous within the company and the derogatory comments somehow affected my career . As in many other companies, some SMs are nice but many are terrible. The situation has improved in recent years because of the high dropout rate but the prolonged working hours still remain a major issue. Felt degraded and my qualification is wasted.
And after all these, a problem is the skills and knowledge you learn from this position won’t put your through the selection processes of other more desirable jobs. You gotta start from scratch as you leave the company.

I’m seriously planning to leave the company right now.” –  Anonymous – 4.12.2016



Situational questions.
Anyone with secondary education should be able to answer the questions with common sense.

2nd Round or more interviews, Written Tests“-  Anonymous – 4.12.2016


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