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“Limited Practice: $10k – $20k. Full Practice 1st year: $30k – $50k per month”  – Anonymous 16.12.2015

Pupil: $0

PQE1-3: $10,000 – $20,000

PQE4-6: $25,000 – $50,000

PQE>6 (涯得過先啦) ” – Anonymous 10.12.2015

“Barrister: HK$30,000 on average.” – Anonymous 15.5.2015

“Pupil:  HK$0

Pupil (Limited Practice) : ~HK$10,000-20,000

NQ (Net income) : ~HK$10,000 – 50,000. Average about $20,000.” – Anonymous  24.4.2015

“Pupil:  HK$0

Pupil (Limited Practice) : ~HK$20,000-40,000

NQ (Net income) : ~HK$5,000 – 30,000. Average about $15,000.” – Anonymous  21.4.2015






” 正常日子:9:00am – 7:00pm 

(Full-day Saturdays not unusual; sometimes full-day on Sundays) 

繁忙日子:7:00am – 7:00pm(court days);

7 am – 4 am (trial days); – Anonymous  16.12.2015

” 正常日子:10:00am – 5:00pm

繁忙日子:08:00am – 03:00am– Anonymous  10.12.2015

” 正常日子:10am -7pm

繁忙日子:6am – 2am “– Anonymous  15.5.2015

“正常日子:9am -8pm

繁忙日子:6am – 3am “– Anonymous  24.4.2015

“正常日子:10am -6pm

繁忙日子:6am – 2am (during Trial) “– Anonymous  21.4.2015






“The sky is the limit. If you have the right qualities and the right place to start off, you can go very far. No matter what you need to be extremely hardworking!!!!!!
The income growth during the first few years could be exponential if you are very good. But there are many who fail to make it and have to change career.” – Anonymous  16.12.2015

Sole Proprietor,即係手停口停,唔夠野做到月尾交租你就知味道! 當然啦,閣下家財億萬就唔使怕啦。

Cash Flow係一大問題, 唔好諗住做完野就即刻有錢收!呢行有個拖數陋習! 真係可以連續幾個月零income之後先有數番, 但之前都餓死左啦!要學會積穀防饑。

涯得過頭5年,有野做有收入, 冇被淘汰出黎就繼續做啦。”– Anonymous  10.12.2015

“The problem is always with the instructing solicitors not paying. You can bill as much as $100,000 1-2 years post-call, but the solicitors never pay you quickly enough to enable you to meet chambers expenses. Some debts would eventually become bad debts. You may never be paid. That’s the real problem.” – Anonymous 15.5.2015

“PI work is lucrative. Crime doesn’t pay”– Anonymous  24.4.2015

“You are a barrister you are out there on your own. Depending on which chambers you are with and your background (academic and family), you may make so little money that you need to quit the barrister profession or you may make so much money that most will envy.

For most young barristers in Hong Kong though, we are on closer to the former than the latter.”– Anonymous  21.4.2015




Mainly criminal, some civil.
Criminal: Legal visit, mention in magistrates’ courts, mag court and district court trials (junior to senior counsel), preparing legal submissions and research for senior counsel, prosecution on fiat, duty lawyer…
Civil: trials and devilling work… “– Anonymous  16.12.2015

1) If trial / hearing:
call from instructing solicitors asking you take a case or not (plus quote fee) => conference with client => trial preparation => court attendance (and got XYZ from mags or judges) => case done => issue fee notes (and keep asking for payment)

2) If drafting:
call from instructing solicitors asking you do or not do (plus quote fee) => instructions and conference => do your drafting => case done => issue fee notes (and keep asking for payment)” – Anonymous  10.12.2015

“Civil and Criminal.” – Anonymous 15.5.2015

“PI, Crime.”– Anonymous  24.4.2015

“Mainly crime, PI, Matrimonial. Some commercial, but not much.” – Anonymous  21.4.2015




Very challenging. You need to be in a thinking mode 24/7 in order to outsmart the judge and your opponent. Build a good relationship with your pupil masters so that they will lead you on their big cases.”- Anonymous 16.10.2015

“People in the field are so good at talking and hence so good at bitching about others. The circle is small so it can get really stressful sometimes (e.g. you have done something silly in court the next day the whole world would know).” – Anonymous 15.5.2015

“Huge (financial) pressure.”  – Anonymous  24.4.2015

“Unhappy mostly. It’s so freaking lonely and support in minimal. Like I said above you are out there on your own. Those instructing you aren’t your friends but rather they toss whatever doesn’t pay to you and expect you to do 100% of the work. There are rare moments of triumph when you win a trial (which is not very common anyway).”  – Anonymous  21.4.2015




Increasingly, people will first obtain a non-law degree and then go on to do a JD/LLB/CPE. Some will choose being a barrister as second career. This is helpful as one needs lots of common sense and experience to be a good barrister.

If you want to land in a good chambers i.e. Temple, do a 1st class Govt/Law in HKU, then apply for scholarship to do a BCL in oxford and get a distinction. Do a 6 months pupillage with Temple and be a tenant there. Then it’s pretty sure that you will be a SC in less than 15 years time and earn millions. – Anonymous  16.10.2015

Forget about law school, your LLB/JD/PCLL,出到黎係兩個世界。

唔好受D壞鬼電視劇影響,建議入行之前諗下自己鍾唔鍾意。俾人叫X大狀 / 上庭 (尤其是wig & gown)好威/飄飄然?頭幾次就會係,但之後就好似你平日食飯去廁所甘。仲有呢家D老爺都幾鎯黎,閙人唔使本,要厚面皮先頂到!

揀師傅係十分重要!如果你D師傅全部都做high-end野,下下都上HC / CFA,甘你識唔識做Mag case / legal visit。” – Anonymous  10.12.2015

“Find a good Sifu who will look after you for 1-2 years.”  – Anonymous  24.4.2015

“Do as much mooting as you could, get a first class honours LLB, do an LLM at Oxford, and land your tenancy with Temple, Des Voeux, or at the very least Liberty.  ”  – Anonymous  21.4.2015



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