Strategic Public Relations Group 縱橫公共關係顧問集團 Executive – Financial Practice 收入

  • 收入 - 3/10
  • 工時合理 - 2/10
  • 晉升前景 - 7/10
  • 快樂指數 - 2/10


Executive – Financial Practice 月收入 HK$$10,000-15,000– Anonymous 22.8.2016



“正常日子: 5 days work 9:00 am-7:00 pm

繁忙日子:5 days work 9:00am-12:00am/3:00am + weekend work at home to call media / send press release – Anonymous 22.8.2016



general (if you are not stupid or lazy AF): E > SE (1yr) > AM (1yr) > M (1yr) > SM (total at least 6yrs exp) > Assistant Director > Associate Director > Director > Senior Director“ – Anonymous 22.8.2016



– Call media and investors to beg coverage & press conference / meeting & luncheon
– Monitor media coverage every morning and/or afternoon, prepare news coverage reportS
– Draft press releases and other corporate materials (annual report: chairman’s statement, management’s discussion and analysis; website content; press conference & investor presentation PPT; stock price report; monthly news report; rundown & MC script of events etc.)
– Assist in the development and execution of IR & PR programs (interim, annual, AGM, IPO listing etc); take care of venue booking (hotel/restaurant/conference rooms), backdrop design, IS booking etc.
“ – Anonymous 22.8.2016



– Very stressful, need to handle around 10+ clients and 1 – 2 IPO listing at the same time
– Long working hours (12 hours +) and management grade (some AM/M +) normally won’t help to share the burden (leave office sharp), team work = 0
– Obsession of hierarchy, junior = cheap labor
– “can-do spirit”, won’t say no to client’s unreasonable request
“ – Anonymous 22.8.2016



1/ 2-hour written test: literally “written” test, no computer will be provided but just a piece of paper and pens; translate (C>E) / draft listed company press release based on the provided materials; share why do you want to be a financial pr
2/ First round of interview (MD): Self introduction; Why financial PR; Do you know anything of the company/ financial PR; Name 2 stocks that you would like to buy and why; Expectations of the job (i.e. OT) etc.
3/ Second round of interview (Director – your supervisor in the future): Self introduction; Why financial PR; Expectations of the job (i.e. OT) etc.

2nd Round or more interviews, Written Tests”  Anonymous 22.8.2016


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