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I’ve read some of the articles and found them quite inspiring (and interesting!) I was wondering if people would be interested in how does HR feel about job seekers using job seeking platforms (such as JobsDB and jiujik) to send out CVs/application directly (using the webs’ “Apply Now“, when compared to using emails or mails as traditional job seeking practices.

I as a reader am quite interested about this idea… thought might just give you this suggestion if you ever cant think of anything else to write about LOL (which may never happen of course) looking forward to more of your articles!


中文大意:相比起傳統的電郵申請或者寄信申請,HR 點睇求職者在一些求職平台(如 JobDB同jiujik)利用它們網站已預設的 “Apply Now” 按鈕直接將上載好的CV send俾招聘的公司?



想回答以上問題的話,你可以係Facebook留言或者直接將comments填寫在以下的contact form, 我們將於審核後刊登於內文。Thanks! ?


回覆:HR熊 6.10.2016

小熊曾經用過Apply now功能,對申請者黎講最重要係可以確保發送無誤,對方一定可以收到自己的職位申請。係HR角度,用Apply now功能係無問題,懂得運用新方式都係電腦技巧的一種,而且HR會著重CV係咪齊備應有的資料多於申請的形式。不過想好感度增加話,建議係Apply now時除了附上CV,加埋cover letter會更好,用自己的文字寫出點解想申請招聘的職位,更顯親切和誠意。


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