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SJ 不時都會收到讀者來信有關各行業的一些問題,亦了解人生路途會遇到形形式式的問題、抉擇。如果在這個時候,可以得到同行前輩分享經驗將是一件十分難得的事。因此,StealJobs 全新開設的專區 SJ Discuss,方便SJ Fans 分享工作前景、行業進修等等等問題,讓其他SJ Fans也可以齊齊互助,請踴躍支持! SJ LEAVES NO MAN BEHIND! 



Hi StealJobs admin!
StealJobs facebook page/website have and had helped me and motivated me to keep chasing my dream and being myself while working shit in the reality world. I have difficulties in choosing what to further study and try to develop my career and have no one to seek for professional advice. Knowing that StealJobs might sometime reply your viewer, I sincerely hope that you can kindly give me some advice. Thank you ahead for your time in reading my long message.
I am a non-bba graduate doing some marketing work. I planned to do some marketing future study as to acquire some marketing acacedmic background. However, as a recent graduate, I have no idea towards how people inside the marketing field view or value these academic knowledge. I would like to seek for some advice.. hoping that you would answer me.

After some primary research, I came up with a few idea:

1. gaining qualification from HKIM – HKU SPACE Prof Diploma in Marketing (<-level 2 entry, 8 month study)
2. gaining qualification from CIM – Certificate in Professional Marketing (Digital Marketing and Customer Experience) (<- seems wasting my degree bg, as requirement only need secondary school qualification)
/Diploma in Professional Marketing (Driving Innovation and Digital Strategy) (<- but I do not have enough yrs of exp to fulfill entry requirement)
3. short course from CUSCS on recent marketing trend/knowledge – Digital Marketing Strategies using Google AdWords (<- more updated trend)


Knowing that marketing is not a professional and I lack of a bba(marketing)/ any bba background, I hope to know more marketing knowledge as to prepare myself for future job hunting/even migration..

May you please give me some advice? Again, really thank you for creating this StealJobs. You have no idea how your passage make my day.




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回覆:Anonymous 14.9.2016

“I am a pure science major in college, no marketing background whatsoever, now working in an in-house Marketing and Communications role of a conglomerate. I believe that it’s the exposure, character and way of thinking that makes one stand out in the industry.

So far, I think digital marketing is the way to go and build our career, it’s also about a change of mindset to adopt a new marketing campaign planning schedule (I’ve built my career working on TV Ad and billboard Ad, now moving on to digital), like how would a campaign work to meet certain KPI, e.g. “likes” on facebook, viewcounts on Youtube, even like pageview for corporate magazine. Then it all starts from the recruitment of fans, finding the appropriate channel to reach out to them, attracting them to like and follow your page, promote the activities and actually buy-in their interests and purchase, then trying to make sense out of their purchasing patterns (data-driven) and to feed their interests constantly, so they become a loyal supporter (or at least recurring customer) of the brand. It’s fun and actually more satisfying in terms of seeing the growth of actual adoption rate and expansion of fan base!

I used to attend some short classes offered by General Assxxxxx, no means to promote its business, but I met quite a number of interesting people in its classes/seminars and it would be great to explore other options, too!

Keep on fighting! 共勉之!”

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