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Intern (年資 0年 / Fresh Grad)allowance ” – Anonymous 16.3.2018

Intern (年資 0年 / Fresh Grad)allowance is offered” – Anonymous 9.10.2017

Trainee (年資 0年 / Fresh Grad)月收入 $25,000” – Anonymous 17.9.2017

“Intern: (年資 0年 / Fresh Grad)Allowance” – Anonymous 7.9.2017

“Trainee1: 月收入 $22,000

Trainee2: 月收入 $24,000

NQ月收入 $40,000 + handling

PQE1: 月收入 $42,000 + handling” – Anonymous 27.9.2014




繁忙日子:9:15am-6:00pm” – Anonymous 16.3.2018


繁忙日子:9:15am-6:00pm” – Anonymous 9.10.2017


繁忙日子:9:00am-11:00pm” – Anonymous 17.9.2017


繁忙日子:9:15am-6:30pm” – Anonymous 7.9.2017


空閒日子:朝9晚7” – Anonymous 27.9.2014



Internship placements are reserved for shortlisted trainee applicants of the following year. Keen competition in securing a training contract after the internship.”- Anonymous 9.10.2017

“會retain trainee,但大部份trainees離開。
離開的trainee通常去其他本地大行,也有去了international firms的litigation department。” – Anonymous 27.9.2014



“A variety of litigation cases” – Anonymous 16.3.2018

You work for various fee earners. Work usually includes research, translation and advice drafting.”- Anonymous 9.10.2017

““Commercial, criminal, matrimonial, insurance” – Anonymous 17.9.2017

Litigation” – Anonymous 7.9.2017

“大型local鬼佬firm,主要做Civil matters (contentious),也有criminal cases。Family practice (離婚,執行maintenance – judgment summons,修改命令 variation of order等)也提供了穩定工作量。也有一點點non-contentious 的company matters例如起草JV文件等,但更多的”Company”業務實際上是公司秘書服務。” – Anonymous 27.9.2014



“Nice and approachable, willing to teach”– Anonymous 16.3.2018

“老闆很信任Trainees們,很放手比你做case,cases種類都多而且多litigation做,學到野!” – Anonymous 27.9.2014



“Interview, 2nd Round or more interviews, Written Tests

From a blog post recently written by the Senior Partner of the firm on

“This summer we will, as usual, be running a strong internship programme since we know that it benefits both the students and ourselves. They gain valuable experience while we get to know them better and earmark those who we might consider taking on as trainees. In short, internships are an essential part of our overall recruitment policy.” – Anonymous 16.3.2018

Apply for internship a year before you plan to start your training contract. Selected candidates are invited to attend an interview with a partner. Further shortlisted candidates will then need to complete an internship with the firm. There are around 14 interns each summer but the firm only recruits 2 trainees for the following year. The competition in securing a training contract after the internship is extremely keen. Also, it seems the firm prefers candidates who have had international experience.

2nd Round or more interviews, Written Tests”- Anonymous 9.10.2017

2nd Round or more interviews, Written Tests”- Anonymous 17.9.2017

過咗first round interview會請你做internship,internship之後等消息睇下有無TC offer

2nd Round or more interviews” –  Anonymous 7.9.2017

“留意PCLL當年的大學招聘信息,通常提前一年左右請Trainees。2輪面試,有written tests。” – Anonymous 27.9.2014


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