HKU SPACE 香港大學專業進修學院 Executive Assistant Salary 收入

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收入 Income:

“Executive Assistant 年資 Years of experience:4-6年 / 4-6 Years

月收入 Monthly Income: HK$15,500″ – Anonymous – 21.1.2022

“Executive Assistant II 年資 Years of experience:1-3年/ 1-3 Years

月收入 Monthly Income: HK$15,575 + Gratuity 10%” – Anonymous – 13.7.2022 [Email verified]

“Executive Assistant 年資 Years of experience:4-6年 / 4-6 Years

月收入 Monthly Income: HK$18,595″ – Anonymous – 13.8.2022 [Email verified]

公司所在地區 Location of Company:

“香港 / Hong Kong” 

工時合理 Hours :

“正常日子 Normal Day:9:00am-7:00pm

繁忙日子 Busy Day: 9:00am-10:00pm”– Anonymous – 21.1.2022

“正常日子 Normal Day:9:00am-5:50pm

繁忙日子 Busy Day: Standby 24/7”– Anonymous – 13.7.2022

年假有多少天?How many days of AL available?

“18 days” – Anonymous – 21.1.2022

晉升前景 Career Prospect:

“同一級直至永遠”– Anonymous – 21.1.2022

“Stressful workplace, students (customers) can easily file many complaints to you saying that the staff is not helpful and has a poor attitude; also program leader will say that your work is not effective and not efficient, always need to work overtime, no peak seasons as the whole year is the peak for the self-financing course, one staff need to coordinate at least ten programs, whereas two to three staff serve for one single program in another college”– Anonymous – 13.7.2022

“Tons of workload, policies frequently change, high pressure, poor school management, heavy and imbalance workload distribution, slow and very limited career progression”– Anonymous – 13.8.2022

工作範圍 Scope of Work:

“打雜,sales, 行政,情緒安撫員”– Anonymous – 21.1.2022

“The whole process of programme management and administration, including promotion, admission, scheduling, examination, budgeting, graduation, and also handling enquires and unreasonable complaints from students (customers)”– Anonymous – 13.7.2022

“Programme Management include student admission, notes printing, room booking, complaint handling, budgeting, promotion, and student graduation, also many ad hod duties from [redacted] Program Laeder, and unreasonable request from learning adults”– Anonymous – 13.8.2022

快樂指數 Are you happy?:

“工作表現極視乎programme leader 對你的個人觀感,一人負責多個programmes的行政,同team自掃門前雪,入職無人可諮詢,掃把十問九唔知,沒有管理可言 有咩就推曬落EA道”– Anonymous – 21.1.2022

“Only care about the KPI and profit, ignore the mental health of operational and junior staff, and no work-life balance”– Anonymous – 13.7.2022

“[redacted] has no vision and no experience in developing good quality courses, just think how to take more money. Do not understand the day-to-day operation. Not aware that 1 person has to be responsible for many programmes, and always blame colleagues not responding to phone calls and email, and losing the potential customer”– Anonymous – 13.8.2022

入職攻略 Application Tips:

“Written Tests”– Anonymous – 21.1.2022

“Interview, Written Tests

Written test for testing computer skills, including Chinese typing, Excel and PowerPoint”– Anonymous – 13.7.2022

“Interview, Written Tests

Interview and PC Test”– Anonymous – 13.8.2022

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