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” Dear SJ Team,

After a year of work and during the distressed study leave for the QP exams, I cant stop my mind to think about the development of my career in the near future especially after read this article. >> [AI / Big data 正改寫McKinsey等諮詢行業 你都有機會加入]

I heard from a managing director or Tax department that the coming IT advancement will give a critical hit to the accounting industry, including the tax department.

Just wondered did SJ receives any questions regarding similar questions or do SJ team have any recommendations on IT courses or learning platforms for current society freshmen to understand the trend and grasp the time to learn something new to prevent from abandonment from the mainstream? “

如果AI 真的可以逐步取代人類的工作,日新月異的科技改變人類的生活模式,你對未來的工作發展會作出怎樣的規劃?現在開始計畫轉型還是等待船到橋頭自然直?

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