[SJPlus] Best Mart 360° 優品360° Assistant Manager Salary 收入

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    收入 Salary - 2/10
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    快樂指數 Happiness - 1/10
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    公司文化 Company Culture - 1/10
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    見工過程 Application Process - 9/10

任職公司名稱 / 職業 / 年資  / 收入 Company Name / Job Title / Year(s) of experience / Salary

“Best Mart 360° 優品360° / Assistant Manager (年資 Your year(s) of experience: 7-9年 / 7-9 Years)

Monthly Income 月收入 HKD 30,000” – Anonymous 15.9.2019 [Email verified]

公司所屬行業類別 / industry

“Sales & Trading/零售” – Anonymous 15.9.2019 [Email verified]

公司性質 / Type of Company
“香港上市企業 Hong Kong Listed Co”– Anonymous 15.9.2019 [Email verified]

公司規模 / size of your Company
“100人以上” – Anonymous 15.9.2019 [Email verified]

實際工作時間  / Actual working hours
“9:00am – 8:00pm” – Anonymous 15.9.2019 [Email verified]

詳細説説你的工作內容 / Tell us about your work(s) in details

工作內容冇難度,好易做,因為管理層冇經驗,大部分係老闆親戚,佢地唔識咩叫做得好/做得岩。你求其交到野,佢地睇得明就ok。升識係老闆篤手指,多年來都冇機制,合眼緣、識擦鞋識飲酒唱歌就可以升,唔洗睇績效/工作表現。”– Anonymous 15.9.2019 [Email verified]

Does your job require business travel?


我的「工作日程」/ My daily routine:


工作需要考取證書嗎?/ Qualification(s) that are required for your work(s)


享有多少天有薪年假?/ How many days of Annual Leave in a year?
“12 days”– Anonymous 15.9.2019 [Email verified]

享有以下的「 員工福利 」嗎? / The applicable “Employee’s Benefit(s)”

團體醫療保險 Medical Benefit

公司「 會否舉辦活動慶祝節日 」 / Will the Company celebrate festival(s)?
“會 Yes”– Anonymous 15.9.2019 [Email verified]

公司屬於「傳統公司」 還是 「創新公司」/ Is the Co one of traditional or innovative? 
“傳統公司 Traditional Co”– Anonymous 15.9.2019 [Email verified]

公司有否擔任企業社會責任? / Does the Company take on corporate social responsibilities?
“沒有 No”– Anonymous 15.9.2019 [Email verified]

經歷的面試種類 / Types of interview

“1 輪面試 Round(s) of Interview: 介紹自己,問下基本問題。公司內部turnover極高,office約40人,差唔多每星期都有人走,所以正正常常都會請。”– Anonymous 15.9.2019 [Email verified]

Which of the below ability(ies) do your company value the most

工作經驗 Work experience

認為求職過程有難度嗎? / Do you find the interview process challenging?

老闆有給過你任何承諾嗎? / Did your boss promise anything?


這些承諾有否兌現?/ Are these promises live up to your expectation?


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