法律系學生之歌 – 《Law School Musical》連歌詞

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美國法律系學生為讀Law的慘況作了一首歌《Law School Musical》,把讀law生涯唱得淋漓盡致,不禁令香港讀law的我們無限loop。


I used to think I was smart
Till I came to law school   未讀Law之前,我以為自己好醒
I used to sleep at night
Till I came to law school   未讀Law之前,我晚晚都訓得著

I used to have a life
Till I came to law school   未讀law之前,我生活多姿多彩
I thought I was the shit   我以前以為自己好把砲
And now I know I’m not shit     而家先知道自己連一坨屎都唔係
Thanks to law school   真係多得讀Law

I can’t stand when I see   我頂唔順見到
Friends and family   我朋友同埋房企人
And they ask me, “How’s law school?”   他們個個問我 “讀Law點啊
And I have to say something besides   而我要盡量唔講以下的真正感受
It’s driving me crazy   讀Law真係人都癲
And the work is endless   功課沒完沒了
And the stress relentless   壓力大到無止境
And my arguments defenseless   我寫essay的論點弱到不堪一擊
And my choice of profession
Was senseless   而我選擇讀Law簡直係無腦

You know
I used to have a sense of humor   我以前個人有幽默感都幾搞笑
Till I came to law school
I never used to hear voices   我以前唔會有幻聽
Till I came to law school
I never had grey hairs   我以前唔會有白頭髮
Till I came to law school   直至讀Law為止
I thought I was the shit    我以前以為自己好把砲
And now I know I’m not shit   而家先知道自己連一坨屎都唔係
Thanks to law school   真係多得讀Law

And this One-L life is hell   讀Law year 1 根本同地獄無分別
Getting by on the cheapest shit
The liquor store sells  開party我唯一負擔得起就係百佳實惠牌果d垃圾紅酒
This One-L life is hell
All I own are instant noodles  我唯一的資產 就係幾包公仔麵
And a broke-ass Dell  同埋一部爛鬼Dell電腦
This One-L life is hell
For everything I learn  無論我幾努力溫書背cases
I forget something else  我轉頭又唔記得曬
And this One-L life is hell
Made me a shadow of my former self  令我成日緬懷過去

And they say it gets better  他們安慰我 會慢慢適應好起來
But the damage is done  但其實損害已經造成
I bleed reasonableness  我開口埋口就係Reasonableness
And jurisidction  同埋Jurisdiction
The cases are scriptures  Cases真係應該用塊紀念碑刻好
Outlines are bibles  課本就係聖經
Professors are preachers  教授就係傳道人
And my friends are my rivals  而我的朋友就係我的敵人

And for now no one will hire me  而且,讀Law到現在發現 原來根本無firm會比TC/ Pupillage 我
And if they did they’d soon fire me  就算有 間firm應該轉頭就想炒左我
But I guess I’ll be happy  但我將來應該會開心既
When I’m a retiree  但大概要等到退休果時囉
Cuz right now I’m broke  因為我而家差唔多破產啦
And my checkbook’s my diary  我銀行得返幾十蚊
If you got cash to spare  如果你有小小錢剩
Could you please wire me?  可不可以上internet banking 過住幾百蚊比我 幫我渡過難關

I’ll pay you back when I pass the bar

And leave law school  等我讀完PCLL之後  (做bar的就係做完pupil之後), 我會還返d錢比你架!

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