PCLL 2016出Offer啦! 你check左未?

又到一年一度令所有Law友魂牽夢繞的PCLL Offer季節


苦讀多年考 A-level / DSE成為高材生讀Law
大概不足50%人能考入PCLL展開做律師的康莊大道 (也有人說是中伏的不歸路)


考不進的,則大概從此與律師夢Kiss Goodbye,人生從此黯淡許多 (也有大量例外)。
應屆MMU 畢業生在8月19日收到PCLL Offer 投稿如下:

“Hi SJ,

It has been great reading your website. Just would like to contribute a bit. I just got my PCLL part-time offer today. I am from MMU top up LL.B. with overall score of 66+. Just hope that will give some insight to future students for ref :)”


應屆HKU LLB畢業生在6月1日收到PCLL Offer 投稿如下:


just writing to share some info about 2016 HKU PCLL admission


I’m a LLB student at HKU. Today (1 June 2016) a number of friends of mine and I have received Full-time PCLL offer from HKU, conditional upon finishing all the compulsory law courses (i.e. the semester 2 ones with grades pending) and attaining a minimum law GPA of 3.2 and cGPA of 3.1.


I don’t think the conditional line would be the final line for admission of full-time positions this year. They are relatively high perhaps because those are the first batch offers. So if you were to post it please include this paragraph to ensure that people don’t panic.


FYI the people I know that got offers today have cGPA of 3.4x/3.5x and similar law GPAs, but given the small samples I have this would not be conclusive


I remember seeing PCLL admission posts on SJ every year so just want to contribute to this year’s version. Thanks!



Credit: HKU

Credit: HKU


估計最低要求:GPA 3.2, cGPA 3.1 !


“Hi SJ

A few of my friends and I have received our conditional offers for HKU PCLL early to late May. We are all LLB students at a UK university. Our offers were all conditional upon attaining an average of 64%. 

Hope this is useful to others!

Please keep this message anonymised. Thanks. ” – Anonymous 4.6.2016


“I am a Cityu JD student. For your information, I have just received conditional offer for PCLL (subject to obtaining a “credit” for the JD degree, which is equivalent to CGPA 3.2 or above). The email notifying me of the conditional offer was received today. Thanks for all the useful information provided all along! Cheers! PS. Please keep this message anonymous, thanks a lot.” – Anonymous 6.7.2016 

To whom it may concern:

I am happy to share with you my CityU pcll offer. A conditional offer has been given to me in early June 2016. I am from a UK University ranking just below the top Universities such as Oxbridge, LSE, UCL and KCL. The conditions were graduating  with a second upper class honour classification and passing all the core modules. My core average mark is a bare 2:1 and my overall classification is a solid 2:1.”  – Anonymous 6.7.2016 

I hope this is helpful.”


“Hi SJ,

It’s my pleasure to share with you the conditional offer for PCLL I had received from CUHK in early June. For your information, I am a LLB student from a UK University ranking below most of the famous UK Universities, such as Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, LSE and even Durham, etc. (Nevertheless it’s still a top 30 university according to the current ranking.) However, instead of the said ranking, I do believe the result you obtained during your studies matters most. Back to the offer, it was conditional upon graduating with a second upper class honours or above with all of the modules passed. At the time I received the offer, my overall average mark (for all modules in Year 1 and 2) is around 62%.

Hope this information is helpful for every prospective PCLL students and thank you for all the useful information provided by SJ so far ?

P.S. Please keep this message anonymised. Thanks.”  – Anonymous 24.8.2016


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