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“Audit clerk年資 1-3年/ 1-3 Years): 月收入  HK$17,000 – Anonymous – 18.9.2018

Semi Senior Grade B年資 0年 / Fresh Grad): 月收入  HK$12,000, One year later would be promoted to Semi Senior Grade A, $13,000”  – Anonymous – 17.10.2017




“正常日子: 9:00am – 6:30pm

繁忙日子:9:00am-10:00pm” – Anonymous – 18.9.2018

“正常日子: 9 : 00am – 7 : 00pm

繁忙日子:9:00am-3:00am (Depends on Team)” – Anonymous – 17.10.2017





Depends on the team.
Normally must be promoted after one year. But workload could be multiply expected.
Limited exposure for test of control. ~90%-100% substantive testing.
Please don’t expect you can learn a lot because the deadline setting could be impossibly tight and no official training.
“- Anonymous – 17.10.2017




“Audit”- Anonymous – 18.9.2018

Audit + Tax + administration
Main focus on SME client, NGOs, Schools, Incorporate Owners /Funds of Buildings, Various well known private entity and less than 10 listed company
No official trainings
Job duty: >50% chance one man job, Prepare audit workings with 100% substantive procedures, draft financial statement, prepare tax computation and tax returns, answer phone calls, reply the clients email by a fresh grad.
Each jobs are normally expected to be finished within one weeks, deadline could be shorter if you stay longer. 
“- Anonymous – 17.10.2017




“上司看team, 有的不管你 有的單向溝通”- Anonymous – 18.9.2018

Pressure depends on the team.
I was not happy at all by joining a poor team.
No bonus in year end, no medical allowance, $20 red pocket money in lunar new year. Require to be worked on Saturday. Workload could be impossible to be completed during the working hours if you are in a wok team. In some extreme cases, you may bring back all your work at your home on Sunday or holidays.
 – Anonymous – 17.10.2017





只要是人都會請”- Anonymous – 18.9.2018

不用擔心interview的表現, 內部管理不完善導致員工流失率高,基本上一定請。“ – Anonymous – 17.10.2017

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