PCLL: Ex parte applications, Inter partes applications

Ex parte application即單方面的申請,通常是非正審 (interlocutory)的申請。最常見例子是緊急禁制令 (mareva injunction)以禁止對方的行動。有時因為情況緊急,連Originating Process (eg. Writ of Summons/ Originating Summons) 也來不及準備,當然也未存檔 (filing) 於法庭,連案件編號也未有。這時候則需要在申請的誓章 (Affidavit/ Affirmation)中給法庭承諾 (undertaking),表示將會盡快準備即存檔Writ of Summons。

但更普遍情況是Inter partes application 即會通知對方的申請:律師收到客人指示後,會立即準備Writ of Summons與Indorsement of Claim (即簡單化的Statement of Claim)與申請禁制令的存票( Summons)以及誓章,同時存檔於法庭以及送達 (serve)給被告人,以便在2 clear days後在summons hearing在雙方出席情況下做出申請。

無論是ex parte或 inter partes application,通常大律師需要準備Skeleton Argument以及Hearing bundle並存檔於法庭(但通常是直接交予聆案官Master的書記Clerk)。以及若inter partes的話,送達副本給被告,除非形勢非常緊急,則可能可以豁免這要求。

Practice Direction 11.1

  • Matter is urgent

  • See Procedure for Urgent Applications in Section A (1) and (2)

  • On affidavit

  • Contact Court clerk to arrange


Practice Direction 11.1

Think about why ex parte but not inter-partes?

The documents that are required (see Section B)

  • Draft Order

  • Writ (or originating summons)

    • give undertaking to court you will issue the writ at the court registry the next possible moment

  • Affidavit

    • give undertaking you will file a full or supplemental undertaking after the hearing

  • Skeleton Argument



The Affidavit

Requirements: Section B(2)

No submissions, no argument, limit content to “evidence necessary to give a clear, concise and fair statement of relevant facts”


– danger of structural damage, explosion


  • Should set out all the points which satisfy the requirement of the order and set out the exceptional circumstances — for example, the enormous damages in this case

  • Should be cross- reference to the affidavit

  • There is a time that hte affidavit should be lodged with the court before the hearing and served on the other side


See Paragraph 26 for explanation


Skeleton Argument

Requirements: Section B(3)

  • Set out precisely and succinctly how the case meets the requirements of the Order sought

  • Any exceptional circumstances?

  • Cross reference to evidence

  • Lodge at Court and serve on other side (except when eg ex parte mareva injunction – the whole point is to keep it secret )


Common Undertakings:

  • In damages  (if case the app for injunction is not granted, undertaking by P to compensate D for losses incurred)

  • To notify defendant ASAP

  • Pay reasonable 3rd party costs (eg costs of a bank when applying for mareva injunction to freeze an account)

  • Issue writ forthwith if not already done so

  • Swear affidavit/supplemental affidavit as required


Important case: American Cyanamid 

Recent case: Billion Star Development case


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