Law友過來人:讀 GDL與 CPE的出路淺談

感謝StealJobs讀者Geoffrey提供有關讀 GDL與 CPE的出路的看法:
Regarding CPE, currently HKU SPACE is offering CPE course organized by the Manchester Metropolitan University. This programme commenced in 1990 (or earlier?) and the PCLL providers know this course well. The advantages of taking this course is cheaper school fee, compared with that of JD. Maybe 20 CPE students are admitted to PCLL each year, most likely HKU PCLL.
For BPP GDL, I would say BPP is a famous law school in the UK. Many Oxbridge students, after finishing their first degree, will take their GDL course and get TCs from big law firms. BPP is in conjunction with some of the big firms, like Baker & M, Clifford Chance, Slaughter & May and they send their trainees for BPP LPC (like HK PCLL). To be honest, if money isn’t an issue, I would recommend people who really want to be a lawyer go to the UK to study the BPP GDL (some can even secure a TC after the two-year GDL) and then the LPC, because they somehow guarantee you can secure a TC. After being qualified as a solicitor in the UK with some years’ exp, whether they want to go back to HK to practice is really their choice.
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With charity for all~~ 😀

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