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好多人想到Networking,就一定係去咩Cocktail Receptions飲飲食食。但其實其中一個成本效益最高的方法,就係直接Linkedin message 或者 Email 你的一些師兄師姐,請求指教,甚至邀約對方出來見面交流心得。

當你在Linkedin 找到了師兄師姐的Profile,發現對方完全行緊你心目中行緊的路,究竟點樣可以令對方對指教入錢入你袋?



Linkedin 篇

Linkedin最近似乎禁止了 message你Connection以外的人,除非你科水做Premium。你可以考慮直接Add對方做Connection,同時加一段「Note」,一般限制在300個字母以內,所以必須快狠準。


Hi XXX, sorry to be messaging you out of the blue. I am currently a XXX student at XX University and I noticed that you are an alumnus in a field I am very interested in. I was hoping we could connect on Linkedin so that I could learn more through your writing? Thanks and have a good day!




Hi / Dear XXX,

My name is YYY and I am a XXX student at XXX University. I heard you speak today at [Event] on [Subject].

I really enjoyed the [topic], and one thing I wanted to ask was that [Question ],  does it mean that [Your Presumed Answer After Some Preliminary Research]?

Anyway, thank you very much for the insightful session today. It was most helpful to me. Having done [your background], I am very interested in [Field / Subject]. I hope to connect with you again in the future.

Best Regards,

留意: 如果感覺對方比較Liberal,尤其係在香港搵食的洋人,可以用Hi,比較傳統則建議同Dear開頭。

Send個 Email,最好有一條有內涵又未至於太複雜的問題,可以等對方覺得你個人「有意思」之餘,又唔使太麻煩大費周章已經可以指點迷津。










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